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  1. I have two CTB16PC controllers for sale and two mega tree hook toppers for sale. Controllers were used for two seasons, see pictures. i only have one mega tree topper pictured but both are the same, 16 hooks. Asking $150 each for the controllers plus shipping, mega tree toppers are $25 each plus shipping. I live just south of of Houston, but go into Houston regularly for work, so if anyone local wants to meet, that can be arranged. I also have some led light strings for sale. Most are strands of 50, some are rolls of 100. Only a few photos for examples (i think i have 4 buckets full). I have soft white, multi-color, orange, green, purple, blue and red. Most are the C6 but the all reds are C9. If anyone is interested in any of these message me for quantities, but most colors are in lots of 16. I'll probably sale the lights for a couple bucks a strand, but if you buy more, we can discuss a bulk price. Thanks for looking. It's not letting me upload photos, it says they are all too big, however when i check the file size it's below the size limit, not sure whats wrong. i will try to resize later and try again. but i have them on my phone, PM me an email address and can send them to you for now.
  2. Sold locally to a forum member.
  3. I need these gone... some has to need them.
  4. Yes they are gen 3. ericm, if you want the controllers PM me so we can figure out a meeting place
  5. i have a LOR Pro License with CCR 4... i have pixels on my roof, windows, a few coro mini trees and 4 ccr arches. i would like to import all for arches into SS and program them together, same with the rook line and windows, but i can only add one at a time into SS. i have the props grouped togther (ex: all arch props in the arch group). is my SS license not high enough to do all four arches together? they are 25 pixels each, the coro trees are 99 pixels each, the longest roof line run is 100 pixels.
  6. I will evening when I upload them to photo bucket... Sorry for the delay
  7. I have four CBT16PC Gen 3 controllers for sale. All in working condition, I just tested them before these taking pictures. They were built by LOR except the plugs, I did that after receiving them. Asking $125 each plus shipping or all four for $400 plus shipping. They do have holes in the back from mounting and the boxes are spray painted green to blend into yard. PayPal accepted if any fees apply you just cover. Thanks for looking. (it's not letting me post images from my iPhone, I will download them to my computer for upload them later)
  8. it was a xlights effect that didn't work. the entire ribbon is not lighting up, only the first 17 nodes. i have it set for 150, is that the right amount for an entire strip? gotta love new equipment... i've been lor for 7 years (ac controller), added a few pixels last year, now adding a lot more plus trying out the pi. it's like starting all over again. what controller do you recommend i get, wait for the lor mad grad and get lor pixel controller or move over to a falcon? can lor control a falcon or would that be a complete move out of S5 and into xlights?
  9. i think i got it to work... i went back to fpp outputs and set up a lor output on the pi usb, then in xlights set it up as an lor channel, made a small animation sequence and moved it to fpp. i was able to test the pixels and play the sequence. one of the effects didn't work, but at least the pixels worked. so i'm moving in the right direction.
  10. my mistake... i called it a pixie 2 because i read that somewhere, but LOR calls it a cosmic color controller 2 (CCC2). it's the little controller you get with the plug and play packages. i lost the hard copy of the user guide, but i just downloaded it off the lor website and i'm looking through it. my question, can this little controller even be used in what i am trying to do? or is it to limited in functionality.
  11. this is correct is i am using the two rgb outputs on the picap (it has 2 outputs and power input). i saw a video here the guy used the rj45 on the picap to run lor controllers with a fseq file. so my guess is, i have it set up wrong, or the pixie 2 can't be controlled like this. he used lor cbt16 controllers. so now my new question is can i use the fpp with or without the picap to drive a lor pixie control similar to how an mp3 director works?
  12. The picap has two outputs for 800 pixels each. But that requires an additional power supply to power the strips. I am trying to avoid that if possible. I would like to use the the pi with fpp and the picap then use the pixie 2 to power the RGB sting. I have the picap and pixie 2 set to DMX not lor. I thought doing this would illeviat the need for the lor rs485 dongle. I read somewhere that when set up like this and with the correct configuration fpp could run the fseq file and the picap would send the signal to run the lights.
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