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  1. Hey george i know you have alot of channels but can you send me a copy also i wanted to do this song for christmas this year my email is zero_cool_boy2004@yahoo.com and just put sequence from george and ill know its you.. Thanks
  2. I found out what was causeing this issue.. I have dmx also and for some reason it was not acting fast so i was trying every method and its the com port just go open the Light O Rama hardware and you will find the error there on the left of it change the light o rama to a different com port and it will fix it thats what i did just now and i got everything back and running... Good luck
  3. I was wondering i saw a guys video on youtube that was 58 in the 2012 contest does anyone know who is and if they can give me the guys link.. and also i found one of kevins face setup on here but he said to me there more on here someone point me into the right direction plz thank you
  4. This year i am going to DMX but dont have that much money right now but the way im doing it is theres a guy from www.holidaycoro.com that has dmx stuff fairlly cheap but the only thing is that u haft to upgrade the software to the max and buy one of his communication device... Its well worth it cause when u upgrade your software u can do alot more then buying the dmx device from light o rama but agian its all prefference... But i could pay for it so i went with this way
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