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  1. What sealant do you folks use for silicone tubed LED strips? Eight years ago in 2013, as an experiment, we permanently installed led strip lighting under the eaves. To be more specific, I used small screws to install an aluminum strip (same width as the LED strip) backed by a plastic washer to give me a very small gap before the siding. We then wire tied the strip with its factory rectangular silicone tubing to the aluminum. In my neighborhood there are rules on how long you can have your lights up, but this setup is nearly invisible so even the association has no issues with it. This setup and material selection worked better than I could have imagined and is still very reliable and working to this day. My problem is that the cheap wire ties I used are beginning to succumb to UV damage and just started breaking in the recent spring winds. I have to rent a boom lift to make the repairs due to my unwillingness to scale the complicated 2nd story roof angles, so I figured that while I'm at it, I'd just replace the eaves strips too while I'm there and use them for parts or in new ground props so that maintenance would be easier for if/when they finally die. I'm looking at ways to further improve on our led strip to supply cable connections. At the junction point of our cut ends, we used replacement silicone box ends (like in the link below) and a normal RTV sealant and then covered it with cheap 2:1 shrink tubing. This time we're using color matched marine grade 3:1 dual wall shrink tubing with adhesive, and looking at different sealants for the silicone ends. Currently leaning towards 3M Marine grade Fast Cure 5200. Has anyone ever used that sealant? What sealant do you folks use? See below for my initial adhesive selections. Thanks! Bizywk Example of LED tube ends: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08R3Z5SD5/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AKDU4YKFXVL4S&psc=1 Sealant Specs: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Marine-Adhesive-Sealant-5200-Fast-Cure/?N=5002385+3293241048&rt=rud Alternatives https://www.amazon.com/Smooth-Sil-poxy-Rubber-Silicone-Adhesive/dp/B00NGZHGFI/ref=pd_bxgy_2/142-7541529-8738537?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00NGZHGFI&pd_rd_r=5aba7376-b11a-4de0-b44b-f78725d6d312&pd_rd_w=xeK48&pd_rd_wg=Of7jP&pf_rd_p=f325d01c-4658-4593-be83-3e12ca663f0e&pf_rd_r=NBYE6NNWW8VT2W20A5QX&psc=1&refRID=NBYE6NNWW8VT2W20A5QX https://www.amazon.com/J-B-Weld-31310-All-Purpose-Silicone/dp/B00ID8EDKY/ref=pd_sbs_3?pd_rd_w=ecCdI&pf_rd_p=527ea27c-adf6-4b67-9c5f-265eb29e0622&pf_rd_r=6TC25KQJ37MD01VD0995&pd_rd_r=0f6373e9-c7ac-4e9c-a151-02301039ecd5&pd_rd_wg=ZyHyO&pd_rd_i=B00ID8EDKY&psc=1
  2. Dark last year so getting a head start on this year. Tested my LOR controllers and all went well. Pulled out an E682 to test and couldn't connect to the E1.31 controller. Setup: My normal test bench set-up consists of a dedicated test bed router, cat5E cables, my normal show laptop (recently Win10 upgraded from Home to Pro) and a known good show controller. Addresses all in the 192.168.0.XXX range. Computer and E682 both light up front router indicator lights when mechanically connected as appropriate. Get "Address not found" when I try to pull up the web browser for the controller. I verified the controller address as correct using the program button. Pinging the controller from my laptop through the router shows it's connected with no delay at all. I don't see the controller listed on the router table, but I'm not sure that's a problem. It is a problem, however if I can't get the laptop browser to talk to the controller. Troubleshooting: 1. I tried two other E1.31 controllers (a known good E682 and an E6804) all with exact same results: Can't pull up the controller page "Page not found". Checked the controller addresses for the other two controllers using the program button and confirmed the correct addresses (,, and which all matched the expected controller addresses. Checked all the normal stuff, moved cables around to different router ports, rebooted repeatedly, and tweaked all the security settings on the router with no change. I tried a second known good router - no difference. Same security/configuration adjustments - no change. I even de-installed my show router so that every part in this bench configuration was now a part of my show system and tried again with the exact same result. I normally use Chrome as the browser, so I switched up trying MS Edge and Firefox with no change. Frustrated, I even checked that pop-up windows were enabled (For whatever reason) - no change. 2. I disabled all the security on the laptop incl antivirus, firewall, etc - No change. Tinkered with various network adapter settings on the computer, confirmed network speeds were 100mbps, deleted and re-added network adapters - No change. 3. Changed out the laptop for my desktop, tested the cables again using my handheld tester - all checked out. Swapped out the cables anyway for other known good ones with no joy. 4. Changed out for a 3rd computer - my tablet. My tablet had to connect to the router via wireless (802.11N) because it doesn't have a 802.1 port and BAM! - it worked without issue. I can connect all day long using my wireless tablet. Connected to each of the controllers repeatedly through each of the routers without issue. I can run test patterns as normal. All works just fine - if only I ran the normal show wirelessly, I'd be in great shape and probably stop there. 5. Still trying to determine the cause, I changed controller settings testing multi-cast versus unicast with no change. At this point the problem appears to be with both my show laptop AND my desktop computer. ?? At my wits end. Any ideas? I've had some on and off problems with the laptop connection to both LOR and E1.31 controllers since we started back in 2013, but nothing like this. What could I be doing wrong? Could there be security in current browsers that is interfering? Is it Win10 Pro?
  3. For those folks on these boards that share their expertise, sequences, or even encouragement - especially with the novice folks - I say THANK YOU! I've proudly bragged for several years now that this is a tight group of very smart folks that jump to help within moments - anytime 24/7/365. I feel privileged to be a small part of this Awesome group of legends. I wholeheartedly respect all of those that have given us solid advice and guidance over the years too, we couldn't have done it without you. YOU've make this hobby stronger and better every year by freely sharing you knowledge. There are bad actors out there with low values/morals, and unfortunately there always will be. Their behavior is nothing short of theft and disrespect. That said, I'd really hate to see this group drawn down to the lowest standard because of those people.
  4. .... And please don't say it's along the same lines as the "What does the Fox say...." LOL. Ugh.....It's going to be "Frozen" again, isn't it. With all the songs we have, "Frozen 1 Mash-up" is still the most requested and popular here.
  5. Thanks for the input guys! It really is nice to have a great group of experienced guys to reach out to for a fast response when needed. I guess you guys gave me a lot to think about as we head back to the drawing board. Biz
  6. Q: As a best practice, how many LED pixels (Nodes/bullets) can I properly string together on a single data run from my controller for a large RGB prop before I start to see data signal latency? Power isn't an issue as we're re-injecting 12vdc every 75 nodes. (Using 12v WS2811's.) We've been dark for quite a while, and now we're digging our stuff back out to go live this fall. We made a lot of newbie errors over the years and now we're trying to rewire, reorganize and fix our errors of the past when we were a little more in the rushed "See what works" mode. Due to lack of experience, we were very inefficient with our controller planning, and now we're trying to consolidate a lot of very underutilized controllers and runs to minimize hardware, cords and setup time. i.e. Not knowing better at the time, we ran a line back to the controller for every 50 pixels which doesn't seem to be the most effective idea. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjjKuEPe8Cw&list=PLyi_DAPKiGs1gnQGcCGFeDERISv0L-I2H&index=4
  7. Just wanted to say Happy Mother's day to all those Moms out there. - especially those that don't pay much attention to how much we're investing in lights. Enjoy your day. You deserve it.
  8. This is sad to see that some here now twist the generosity and good will of others into financial self profit. Its disrespectful. Thanks to Orville, James and the other regulars who keep the spirit of the lighting fellowship alive! We should all continue to strive selflessly to help others as best we can for the intangible benefit to all. Remember how confusing and expensive it is to get started. We need Newbies to help keep this going, and Newbies need all the help they can get. Kudos and thanks to all those that have helped us over the years too.
  9. Found it. I like this tool and I will keep it handy for the future. Im not sure it was helpful in this case, because I realized that I kept copying all my files everytime I tried to find my old default file location. Ugh. Lots of clean-up to do now, but at least I don't have to redo my whole preview. Thanks. Dave
  10. I spent a big portion of the Halloween season battling S5 conversion issues. One of those was the continuous interaction between the preview and the sequences. Little errors in renaming and typos between the visualizer file and the sequences were largely transparent in LOR S4 but make a HUGE difference in the new software as it keeps archiving props. Learning my lesson and wanting to set myself up for success with the new DMX features in S5, I spent the day rebuilding my Christmas Preview (The new version of a visualizer file) before I started converting any of my old Christmas sequences. When the new preview appeared perfect, I copied it again for a back-up. Preparing for the next step: Running through the conversion process for a large number of sequences, I then I reset my home directory to my Christmas directory to have fewer mouse clicks. Problem was, once I reset the directory, I lost all my previews including all my Halloween previews and can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can look to find them to "Import" them back in as a preview? File searches for "*.LORPREV" files won't work.
  11. Maybe someone can help me. A while back, while I was stationed overseas, I bought a number of new dumb 30w & 50w RGB Floodlights from Kevin at Creative Displays prewired with 4 conductor daisy chain pigtails. I failed at the time to ask what writing tool I should buy to re-program the address. He's not in business anymore and I can't reach him at his old personal email address. Does anyone have any suggestions on which writing tool I should get?
  12. I goofed. Our display has been dark for 2 years due to a military mobilization oveseas. When I tried to knock the cobwebs off our old sequences, I had problems getting my older S4 software to work again. I foolishly underestimated the challenge of the S5 conversion when I simply bought a new annual license update to fix the issue. I found that the automated S4 to S5 conversion script doesn't produce consistent results from sequence to sequence, especially with "Archiving" a few of my sequenced props. I think that some old rookie learning problems that I could overlook in S4 are coming back to roost now. I fixed most of the sequencer vs preview issues by bouncing back and forth between the two windows which seems to use a hidden programming key field that I can't see or edit, but after a bit of frustration and time, those issues are now fixed the hard way. What stumps me now is trying to fix my garage doors which were "Archived" in Sequencer. I still use some incandescents and blowmolds, but all of my RGB lights (about 40 universes) are all E1.31 smart strips (except for 12 RGB Floods) In S4 I had a separate programming line for each smart strip pixel and they corresponded to a hand drawn light string in visualizer. During the sequence conversion to S5, my smart pixels convert as dumb strips. This works fine for me for now as I rush for this season because most still work with the S5 preview window. Since I can't seem to edit "Archived" props, It appears that to fix the archived Garage Door strips, I think I must re-add the garage doors as a "New Prop" into the sequence and then probably cut and paste from the hundreds of S5 Archived lines. I anticipate great benefits to adding this as a smart strip prop, so I tried that route. I noticed that I could import it directly from the Preview software, so I edited my "Preview" prop to be a smart string and imported it into sequencer - Easy! But when I try to access the new line, all I get is a single line which preventing me from copy/paste from my old sequence. I don't seem to be able to have the granular programming control in the new line that I had in S4. It also doesn't seem in my best interest to re-add hundreds of "Dumb" lines in sequencer knowing that there are some new automated capabilities that I haven't experimented with yet. Any ideas how I can get out of this jam?
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