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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a Christmas Lights Set-Up for upstate New York in the winter that uses RGB LEDs with the DMX controller and a bunch of String Lights and Icicle Lights on the side of my building. I have some concerns about weather-proofing my gear and buying equipment that would hold up under lots of rain/snow and very cold temperatures. Do you all have any advice about which RGB LED strips, String Lights, Icicle Lights to use and any heads-up about potential problems I should be aware of? Thanks! Gil
  2. Hi Everyone, I had a CCR coiled up and stored away for a week or so while i cleaned/organized my workstation. It had been working perfectly before i put it away. Yesterday, when i uncoiled it and plugged in the unit half of the unit lit up <see included picture> and won't accept any signals from the Hardware Utility. I reset everything and set it back to: Unit ID Mode: Normal Channel Mode: Triples Standalone Speed: 8 Resolution: 50 pixels Strips: 1 DMX Mode: Both Macro and RGB channels Have any of you experienced this problem? Thanks! -Gil
  3. okay great- thanks for the heads up about some of the pitfalls of using cheaper gear and some advice about where to look excited to dive into the world of LOR (thanks abears4 and ken)
  4. Hi Everyone, (This is my first time posting on the forums ) My current setup is: (1) Windows PC running a Basic Version of S3 (1) ShowTime PC CTB16PC (1) Cosmic Color Ribbon My question is that I'm looking to control a series of DMX-3CH-4A 4 Amp 3 Channel LED DMX Controller/Decoders that are connected to basic RGB LED strips. (link: http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/dmx-decoders/dmx-3ch-4a-4-amp-3-channel-led-dmx-controllerdecoder/114/523/) they are currently daisy chained to my current LOR gear using Cat5 cables. This is probably a very basic question but: What kind of upgrades/ada
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