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  1. Copy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a Lot and Merry Christmas! Sean spmbarberbros@yahoo.com
  2. Would Love a Copy for my 7 year old and her neighborhood friends. This song popped up fast on me this year and I'm slow at sequencing so help on this one would be greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas! Sean Maher spmbarberbros@yahoo.com
  3. Would Love Copies of Whatever you are willing to share. spmbarberbros@yahoo.com Thank You Very Much!
  4. anything and everything you have with pinwheel timings would be awesome! maherseanp@gmail.com My arches look phenomenal, timings of these arches looks like a first grader did it. (apologies to all 1st graders out there - my sequencing arch skills stink!)
  5. would absolutely love all 3! maherseanp@gmail.com
  6. Would really love a copy. maherseanp@gmail.com
  7. My kids would love this. A copy would be greatly appreciated. maherseanp@gmail.com
  8. I would like 2 controllers. Will pay with PayPal as soon as I hear back. maherseanp@gmail.com
  9. So in a nut shell: These controllers all work with no issues?? If so I would like 2 of the 5.
  10. Would Love A Copy - Fighting a 32 channel version myself. maherseanp@gmail.com
  11. Thanks. The dongle is what I was seeing. I can purchase the generic starter pack and should be good to go. Again thanks and I'm sure ill be posting plenty-o-questions over the next 11 months.
  12. Sorry. It's LOR. Is there a way to post pics? It the 16 channel box. It has 3 Ethernet ports inside.
  13. Sorry. It's LOR. Is there a way to post pics? It the 16 channel box. It has 3 Ethernet ports inside.
  14. The controller and the software is all I have. The typical setup shows a DMX in between the computer and the controller. Do I need that and where can I get it? Is that something that is only needed with the RGB strips I keep reading about.
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