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  1. I too am looking for Christmas with a Capital C- Go Fish. Preferably without the spoken dialog in the beginning. Please reply to thread or message me. Thanks!
  2. For the pixel tree I use SuperStar add on. To use the Intensity feature (makes adding Pixel sequences to regular LOR sequences easy) you will need to upgrade to Pro and purchase the correct license version for the number of pixels you have. There are a whole lot of folks on here that know so much more than me. I am sure many will chime in. Best wishes.
  3. Thanks for your response. My customers’ number one concern is shipping charges. Most all my work is custom and not cheap, but they still want “free” shipping. My mailman will pick up my Priority Mail, so that is an advantage. I have FedEx and UPS account as well as my USPS account. USPS is most often $4-5 cheaper that the others. As for is it worth the savings. That’s subjective of course. I would much rather give LOR my money for their product, however I’m letting the $17 “get” to me. I’ll decide soon.
  4. Thank you to those replying concerning shipping of the device (which all make good points). Is there anyone that has used a 3 party RS485 adapter?
  5. I agree with you. It if cost LOR almost $17 to send out a 5oz package (I just weighed it on my postage scale), then it is a massively inefficient process or a most definite profit center. I can send it priority mail for $6 and change and most likely you will have it in no more than 3 mail days. Thanks for your insight.
  6. I ship out things that weigh move than the RS485 adapter for my business and have never had to charge more than $9 shipping and a lot of times it is $7. I use Priority Mail for most packages. The post office supplies the boxes as well. Almost $17.00 for shipping is just hard to reconcile. I have one, I just want a backup. Thanks, robert
  7. Has anyone used a non-LOR usb to rs45 adapter? Just wondering as LOR’s shipping charges make a $30 item into a $47 item.
  8. “Also a favorite of mine that I use for 10-20 seconds in several of my sequences is to set all rows to TCM 1 and set TCM 1 to the following: Theme: Star burst -Color: Native-Color by time: Not by time-Movement: None-Intensity: 100% - You will get patterns that move across the ribbons according to the music.” Brian, thanks for this suggestion. I used it on 5 songs for which I did not have time to do a mega tree sequence. Way better than a dark tree.
  9. Does SSS have any canned effects like the open source free software? Spirals, Butterfly, etc.
  10. As I mentioned before at one point I was disappointed at the cost, but after the time I had with a popular open source / free application, I am on board with the LOR pricing. The one hour response I got from you on a forum post was such a positive experience. Now that you have been open and given full disclosure (full enough for me) you have solidified my opinion. I never liked being referred to a FB page for support and I was rarely provide the help needed. My investment in the 24CCR upgrade (and s4 Pro) was money well spent. I am only using 12 strings for this year’s show, so I have
  11. I am having no luck at all... just pixels falling from the top or horizontally one strand at a time. Some shooting up from the bottom. Not sure what I am not doing, but I am new to SSS and I was going to use Instant sequence to be a stop-gap until I can do mega tree sequence for all of my AC sequences. One example that may not make since is a wash of pixels from up to down right to left or the opposite of those. Like you can do with Morph....
  12. I understand how you feel. We all have our values and what is important to us. The free software did not fit into my work flow due to other commitments. The reason it did not fit is the learning curve was too steep for me, especially when 90% of my show is still AC lights. I do not want to imply the program isn't really good. It is, just so many stumbling blocks for me. With that said, you appear to be a lot further along than me and probably don't need the assistance I have been provided. Perhaps I too will feel that way once I get some experience and want upgrade beyond my 24CCR l
  13. CCR Mode. I did find the two not working were configured wrong. Rain prevented me testing, but I feel confident that was the problem. I have been one to complain about the SSS pricing. I apologize. Though I had to dig deep to upgrade to 24 CCR (and S4 to Pro) this month, your support is awesome. I can imagine you get tired / frustrated of the same problems and questions from so many of us. Thanks for being patient with me and others. Thank you for your prompt response. Now back to your tutorials so I can do my own sequences.
  14. Brian Bruderer responded... I had the config incorrect on the two that were not working. His response was so quick and I am convinced that though the license for SS isn’t cheap, it is worth it.
  15. Well... I had decided to go with the free software... It is very capable. Because I have 3 LOR controllers and my Mega Tree is the only pixels have I struggled with the upgrade costs. I had purchased a 2CCR license years ago to get familiar with SS. I didn't do anything with it. I finally got the free program working well and then could not get the scheduler to work at all. So I did what any panic driven Christmas Lights person would do... I upgraded S4 to Pro from Advanced and upgraded 2CCRs to 24CCRs. $220 later and now I have a problem. 2 of 3 SUP files exported using the new inten
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