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  1. OK. I totally reformatted to FAT32 (full format, not quick) a new 32 GB Lexar SD card. Then created a new show on it. Ran it last 2 nights ago. The show runs 30 minutes. It ran for about 2-1/2 hours with no problems. Then it shut down. I had to pop the card out and in. Ran the rest of the night. Copied the card to a Kingston SD card. Ran it last night. It ran all night with no problems. Still looks like a Lexar issue. I am switching to all Kingston cards.
  2. There are a lot of SD cards on the market. I keep hearing on other posts that Kingston are the best for the Directors. But I bought a load of Lexars from Staples (they didn't have Kingston). Every night the show runs for about 1-2 hours and then just hangs (N4-G4-MP3 Director, latest firmware upgrade, 32GB class-10 Lexar SD card). So I copied the entire Lexar SD card onto a Kingston SD card. YUP. Show ran without a hitch. Why? I even see if you go on LORs site (accessories), that they show a picture of a Lexar card, but state that brand will vary based on availability. So it doesn't appe
  3. A word of caution. You say the controllers all came "preset". LOR typically presets all controllers to unit ID=01. You need to make sure the unit IDs are different for the controllers, and that the sequencing also uses the proper unit IDs. And pixel controllers have multiple IDs. If you have a Pixie4, for example, and set its ID to 03, then you have actually used IDs 03, 04, 05 and 06. So the next one should be set to ID 07. Hope that helps.
  4. OK. So I don't have nearly the number of sequences that I run on any one day. This is my first year with a Director (always used a PC until this year). My really big complaints with a Director are: 1) No calendar, so I can't schedule shows to play on specific dates - like special shows on Christmas and New Year days. BUMMER 2) No "background" sequences. It'll be a bitch if I have to change my FM sign and redo every sequence in every show on every card. 3) Can't use "sequences-in-sequences" so I had to redo all my sequences to include everything. 4) There always seems t
  5. If you edit the show, you can select the times it plays. If you click on Monday's timing, the HUB assumes you are changing Monday and allows you to select other days as well. That's why Monday is greyed out. You selected it. If you select any other day, that will be the day greyed out and Monday will be OK to check or not. The HUB is just responding to the day you selected to change in the edit. It might grey out Monday on the initial build of the show, but you can always edit the card.
  6. I think that if you want to use the wireless feature to link 2 or more N4-G4s together, you need the S5 version of LOR Hub. Otherwise, I have no problem with S4 and the N4-G4.
  7. You are right. G3-N2-MP3 documentation is still linked to the G4-N4-MP3 page. BUT if you go to the LOR documentation page, you can find the G4-N4-MP3 manual. I wonder if LOR will send the new manual to everyone who purchased the new Director.
  8. Newest documentation is now posted on LOR web site. I am using the N4-G4-MP3 this year. Main show not quite ready, but my pre-Thanksgiving show is working just fine. As far as I can tell E1.31 is not supported on the N4-G4-MP3 director. Not an issue for me since I don't use E1.31
  9. Be advised that, although LOR doesn't talk about this much, it very well could be that you need to have a terminator at the end (last controller) in your network. A terminator is a 120-ohm resistor between pins 4 & 5 on the Cat5e cable. Easy to make one if you have some old cable pieces laying around. Just cut a short end (2-3 inches long) that still has the connector attached, remove outer jacket for about 1/2 inch, strip the blue and blue-white insulation a bit and add a 120 ohm resistor between these. A little solder, a little electrical tape, and you have a terminator. Plug this in to
  10. Thanks everyone. Just what I needed.
  11. Probably a very simple question from a newbie who hopes to be up and running by 2014. I understand that controller numbers start with 1 and go up. My question is - do numbers have to be assigned consecutively, or can some numbers be skipped. That is, can you have controllers 1, 2 and 4 connected without 3? Is there a penalty to be paid by skipping numbers? Also, when planning a sequence, do all controllers and channels have to be defined in each sequence or can unused ones be deleted from the sequence even if they are still physically connected? Thanks.
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