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  1. Thanks for replying to this post. I'm really interested in communicating with other Madmapper/LOR users. I haven't found the Madmapper forum useful. I'll try to share what I've learned . I'm not sure what you (Sillypins) mean by generating content. The content that I used included .jpeg photos, gif files, MP4 files (audio is not relevant here) like AtmosFX digital effects and videos I took of family and neighbors. The beauty of this type of software is the open-ended content. I use Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements to get the content looking right, before I pull the content into Madmapper
  2. It turns out that video mapping is a lot more complicated than I thought. YouTube videos of mapping projects show some fantastic displays: multiple powerful projectors transform structures into something that they are not, like medieval castles. Nice, but out of my reach. I still wanted to give this a try. My typical California ranch-style home has the garage right on the street, almost no driveway. The house itself is not visible from the street. Projecting onto the structures is not a reasonable option. I still wanted to understand the technology and software so I tried a simplified ver
  3. This was the second year for this add-on lighting project that is really popular in my neighborhood. I strongly recommend the basic idea and I know some of you will find awesome variations. Here's what I did. A week before my Holiday Show premiere, I posted on my local Nextdoor.com that I had communication with Santa's folks and I could verify that kids were on Santa's Nice List and display those names as a part of the show. Parent's could message me that they would like to have Xander and Kairen on the list. I confirmed that they were on the list and added them to a sequence that ran as backg
  4. Landscape lighting can be very therapeutic during those months of long days when it stays light way too late. Daylight savings time doesn't help. I use an LOR G3 Director to run RGB floods on my fence and pixel strips on my house every night. I change the sequence for minor holidays and special events, like all blue to honor health-care workers. I use the LOR wireless devices, Pixie 8 Smart Pixel controllers and LOR dumb RGB controllers. I use this system to light our garden railroad year-round. The railroad lighting project is my Never Ending Story. I'm thankful for that, especially as I cra
  5. Pinecrest Halloween just wrapped up and Version 5.5.10 ran the show flawlessly. Thanks LOR. The kids in my neighborhood socially distanced danced in the street. I sensed a lot of smiles under all those masks. I didn't do this alone. Thanks LOR for your help and support over the years. Richard
  6. So, in my case, in the sequence grid, I copied (Ctrl c) a single cell containing a motion effect, I went to a different row and pasted (Ctrl v) that single cell resulting in a crash. Twice. 5.5.6 continues to be OK. with the exact same process.
  7. Same problem. I copied a single cell motion effect and pasting caused the crash. I briefly saw a yellow ! .
  8. I've been using the new desktop that I described earlier and things are much better, much faster. Thanks for your suggestions. Halloween is on. We're delivering treats through an 8' PVC pipe lined with smart pixel strips. It's not a trick.
  9. Thanks for the specifics on four monitors. It's a piece of information I'll store for when a situation arises that could be solved by multiple monitors. I think that I took the advice and here are the specs on my new desktop arriving next Thursday: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10510U Processor Windows 10 Home 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400 rpm 2.5" SATA Hard Drive (Storage) 23.8-in. touch display Spinner stopped. Gotta go. Thanks Richard
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. You've given me a lot to think about and research. Why four monitors? Thanks also for that reality check about .gif files that will keep slowing me down. I actually have a crossword puzzle to work on while sequences load or renew or paste. In fact, that little spinner is going right now. It stopped. gotta go. Richard
  11. I'm about to purchase a new computer and I'd appreciate suggestions. My current laptop is taking a long time to edit sequences, especially when .gif files are involved. Current is i5-7200U CPU @ 2.5GHz with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB HD (not Solid State). I don't want to continue to have the same issue so I'd like to understand where to focus upgrades - Processor? RAM? Solid State Storage? I saw a thread from 2019 by PhilMassey but things move quickly, so I'd appreciate current ideas. Thanks. Richard
  12. I voted to go back to user creating play files. It was like the final process of creating a video, when the software puts together all the clips and audio and makes that MP4 file. I got thru my show this year by using the same computer to sequence and for shows. At some point, sequences containing .avi files would not successfully be converted to play files. If I removed the .avi, and play files were successfully created. I went back from 5.3.12 to 5.3.10 since it was a logical troubleshooting step and all was OK with .avi files. I'm not sure about this solution and have been unwilling to spen
  13. This selection from Pinecrest Halloween 2019 begins with the Masked Dancer showing us how to Boogie. The moving spots were popular with kids, like a laser is popular with cats. More selections are on our Youtube Channel. Search Youtube for "Pinecrest Halloween" Click "Filters" and select "Channel". That's us. I learned a lot about those moving spots this year, after a rough attempt last year. The key to success is spending enough $ and having a lot of free time. That's also the key to a happy life, by the way. Since there seems to be no contests this year, I won't bother describing hardware o
  14. I don't think this is a bug. After selecting Type>Motion Effect, a box appears labeled "Source" Try the option "Use the effect shown in the Playback Window" It looks looks a film strip. The Plus icon "Create New Motion Effect" is what causes the generator to keep popping up to create new effect.
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