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    brand new to this, have been playing with software for the past two weeks and have made up 4 32 channel sequences, awaiting sales to start getting the hardware for this upcoming holiday season
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  1. you bet, home@florencescapes.com appreciate it
  2. LOL, bookmark that post and come back to it in two years. I started with 16 channels 4 seasons ago and thought the same thing, maybe just another 16 would be more than enough, now I am up over a thousand. Telling you, its a sickness Welcome to the madness
  3. have you tried the hardware utility to find them? maybe a port issue
  4. I just run a separate channel to my sign, it is pretty bright, just first few seconds of intro and exit from songs I run at 100%, rest of the sequences I run them at 20%, then after show is over for the night it just goes black while rest of lights are on for the night., kinda nice as people often pull up during a song mesmerized by the lights, as it winds down and the tune to sign goes bright , the people notice it and stick around a whole lot longer.
  5. I got it!!!! thanks to reading other posts I finally think I got it to work. Had to check network config, ELOR was on, but at 55k, changed to 115 k and it seems as though now everything works. Just posting this in case someone else with similar issue reads this. doing my happy dance now...thanks to everyone in the forums!
  6. thanks Mr. P., but issue remains Updated all firmware to latest version, controllers 01 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08, 02 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08, 03 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08, 04 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08, 05 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08, 0A - CMB24D Ver 1.05, 0B - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 0D - CCB100 Ver 1.21, 0F - CCB100 Ver 1.21 Like I said, all controllers work from Hardware utility just fine, all units found. Now, doesn't matter if I run an old sequence without any CCP Tracks/PE Props or not, none of the 16PC controllers will work under the SE with the Control Lights feature checked marked.
  7. first year using CCP's, have had RGB floods for two years, and 5 PC16 controllers License-Pro-8CCR, LOR version 4.3.x Issue; Last two years all controllers along with floods work fine. controllers assigned to units 1-5, floods assigned to 0A, all have worked well for me. this year picked up 3 CCP's, assigned 0B-0C, 0D-0E & 0F-10 all run on hardware utility, all units found and working correctly, Amending a previous sequence with what i added from PE, saved to sequencer file and intensity data saved run the sequence from SE, only the floods and the 3 CCP's
  8. DisneyMatt: Welcome to the madness! See http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/ for a breakdown of licensing levels, if this is something that you wish to expand on over time ( and we all do ) you could start with the basic license, but you will soon probably want a higher level to add more controllers for 2017, 2018 as well as access to some of the wizards, so if you have the money now, I would suggest the Standard or Advance levels now. No song limit, just controller and feature limits on lower levels of licensing. Christmas lights, where to buy....big question, there a
  9. I started putting up our Halloween display this last weekend, finished about 6:15 tonight and went live 15 minutes later. Been way too long since I have seen "blinky lights" somewhere other than my computer screen. I say put em up whenever you want to, no hard and fast rule, hell some of the stores have been pushing Halloween stuff now for over a month.
  10. I use Schd 40 PVC Pipe to make frames, then attach the lights to the frames, then the frames to my fence, no leakage or risk of shorts. For our fence ( only about 50' long ) I put in seven panels, each seven feet long, six feet high with a 7' x1' high box on top. the lower boxes are multi colored strands and the top smaller box is white icicle lights just all wrapped up. you can see some older ( and low quality ) videos here ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTTy8XIMwTnYjWu8SXe28Xw ) but gives you an idea of what you can do with a fence. the possibilities are endless so have fun with it.
  11. Sounds like you have both RGB assigned channels and non-RGB channels in your sequence, on your non-RGB channels in sequencer you can make them any single color you want, green, blue, red, yellow, etc... But once you have take the three ( red, Green, Blue ) channels and converted them to a single RGB channel, what you have actually done is made a small "group" If you click on a single blackened RGB Channel it will expand so you can see the individual channels. When having a RGB channel it will always be black, you cant change it. Once you have a sequence laid out with all your channels set,
  12. you spend the money on the equipment, you spend your time away from your family sequencing, you spend the time and resources to put everything up, show it off, take it down and you make the room to store all of it for a year and repeat the whole process, endless nights with music and lights dancing through your head. You play music that you want to play, that you want to sequence. nothing worse than a sequencing a song that you can't get into. I never hear a complaint about any songs, holiday or otherwise, people just like to gather, watch, ohh and ahh and make ( hopefully ) some memories
  13. would appreciate a copy as well, just starting on that and Light Em' up home@florencescapes.com
  14. I would like to see it as well. home@florencescapes.com
  15. think its is way to late in the game for you too start now with the "smart" rgb ribbons for this season, think you would be much better off with dumb rgb strips if this is the way you want to go, you can still change colors, fades, etc... or try RGB Floods to light up your whole tree/house, etc and change colors as you like. then if its something you want to persue, then get into sequenceing the smart RGB for next year. Welcome to the madness
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