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  1. Thanks very much for the assist! I'll get crackin!
  2. I'm attempting to add a new RGB singing face to my display this year! My setup previous years has had (3) 16 Channel controllers and (2) CCR devices. I've sequenced a singing face using AC lights before and thought I would try my hand at pixels this year. I purchased a Rudolph Coro template from Gilbert Engineering and a Pixie 2 controller with the needed 300 pixels. I upgraded to S5 and have my preview built out. I was able to import the prop from Gilbert Engineering and it loaded all the motion effects for the prop, but I'm getting stuck on how I can sequence this in the best way. I know I can go into each ME row in sequencer and manually sequence like I would with the AC lights, but I know there is a way to do singing faces in SS. When I try to "Insert a SuperStar effect" into the "Rudolph Singing Face" row, it only loads the outline in SS. I can't get it to open all of the ME's loaded for the face in SS. So that is my first question, 1. How do I get the full prop with all ME's in SS and 2. Can I and How do I then use the auto - sequence singing face tool with this?! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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