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  1. I'm going to start mailing you a cat turd every day until you get layering in...
  2. Nice. I really do not see a definitive shelf life on SS. With pixels getting more and more popular and the mega trees being such a common prop, SS is perfect for just that. I am pretty much XLights all the way except for my two mega trees, I prefer SS. Just like it a bit better. After the recent update IMO the only negative to SS is the lack of layering. It is still a great program.
  3. Brian, Not trying to stir the pot, just giving you an honest opinion here. It is reasons like this that other programs are getting so popular. If there is a problem or huge demand for something, it gets fixed in a week or so. I love SS and will continue to use it because I am so familiar with it but people have been asking for the layering ability for at the very least a couple of years and the response is always the same, 'hopefully next year'.
  4. Here is the updated list of what I have. LED Icicle Lights Multi - 4 300 count used, 1 100 count used (Home Depot) $20.00 Cool White - 4 300 count used, 1 100 count used (Home Depot) $20.00 Cool White - 24 new (C6 faceted 70 count from Creative Displays) $250 Blue - 15 new, 10 used (C6 faceted 70 count from Creative Displays) $200 LED Multi leaping arch sections 28 sections, approximately 18” per section of 1” PVC wrapped with 100 multi LED lights $75 for all (10) LOR CTB16PCG3-V5 Controllers, used, 1-2 years old, $150 eac
  5. LED Net lights Multi - 4 new, 3 used (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) Cool White - 1 new, 7 used (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) Red - 1 new, 5 used (Good ones from Creative Displays) Green - 1 new, 5 used (Good ones from Creative Displays) Blue - 5 used (Good ones from Creative Displays) All 32 - $75 LED Icicle Lights Multi - 4 300 count used, 1 100 count used (Home Depot) $20.00 Cool White - 4 300 count used, 1 100 count used (Home Depot) $20.00 Cool White - 24 new (C6 faceted 70 count from Creative Displays) $250 Red - 15 new, 10 used (C6 fac
  6. Bran, Any news on getting the 'layer' conundrum solved that has been so heavily requested?
  7. First year running a 12CCR tree and I have all 12 running on one high speed 485 USB adapter. At times I notice an ever so slight bit of lag, not something anyone besides myself would likely notice. Think that would be cleared up if I ran a second high speed adapter, one for 1-6 and the second for 7-12?
  8. Posting this fix just in case anyone else is having this issue. Of the 16 controllers, 13 of them were the current gen3 and the 3 that were not working were the older V2 board. I had the network setting at 500k and the V2 boards cannot operate above 115k. Changed the network speed to 115k and its all working like a charm.
  9. Another update that I just saw. All three of the controllers that I am having issue with are running CTB16PC Ver.-4.40 The other 11 that work fine are 16PC-G3 Ver-1.06 Do I have a firmware issue? I went on the LOR website and 4.40 is the latest firmware for the V2 boards. I have opened a trouble ticket but have always had such great luck with help on these boards that I figured this couldn't hurt.
  10. Just got home and tried that. No worky. One controller I was having issue with was #11 and the one next to it, #12 was working fine. I swapped their ID's and the problem followed to the original controller now numbered #12. It is happening on 3 of my 16 controllers (11, 13 and 14). The rest work fine and I have run the verifier with no issues other than the 12 CCR tree channels not working because I do not have them programmed in my test sequence. Like I said, I can individually access these three controllers through the HU and they operate just fine, but they refuse to operate in a normal seq
  11. Advanced. Should be enough for 16 controllers and 12 CCR's.
  12. Channel configurations are fine. It just doesn't make any sense. They are located with the HU and work just fine when testing with the HU, but they refuse to operate in a sequence with the same configuration.
  13. Quick rundown: I have (16) standard PC16 LOR controllers. In the HU it can find all 16 and I can test them all. But when I play a sequence, #'s 11, 13 and 14 do not activate. I have specifically tested these three in the HU and even reassigned their ID's to them but they still will not work in a sequence. Any ideas?
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