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    Fifth year with 6 DIY controllers. Changed 4 trees w/ 4 colors each to dumb rgb's, did the roof outline and net lights up and down the walkway banister. Would like to get pixicon controller to work with smart rgb's do some arches or mega tree or both.
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  1. Thank you Jim and Phil, Jim nice video and 12 string pixel tree. Phil, I like the idea of smaller controllers and 12 vdc. I will try to do justice with your help. Last question is where do most people buy there pixels and is there a special time of the year for buying? Thanks again for your time, Paul
  2. I would like to add smart pixels to my display next year (currently have 4 dumb controllers) and noticed that the LOR pixie controllers have 4 wire terminals and most of the stuff on-line looks like 3 wire. So basic question is where are most of you buying smart pixels to go with LOR equipment (will 3 wire work?) and what voltage is preferred(5v or 12v)? I have 8 windows that I would like to outline and the farthest two are about 40 feet apart horizontally, 10 feet vertically. Thanks for your time Paul P.S. Seeing what I would like to do above would it be to much to add a pixie tree next year? The one problem I have is that I have a bright street light between me and my neighbors house so I can't get it dark at night.
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