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  1. Thank you for the info. I will look Andy up..
  2. Philmassey, I am sorry. I was just hoping that somebody else had done this and would reply. I do appreciate your trying to help though. Thank you very much Dennis Laff, I do have the latest software. There is a screen for configuring those ports but it still doesn't make connection with my CTB controller. that's why I wondered if maybe there was a jumper somewhere that needed to be switched. Support at J1SYS is very bad and there is no manual for this board. They won't answer my emails. I bought this a few years ago, if I had known how they were I would have bought somewhere else. This controller works great for my pixels so I wont replace it. I'll keep trying Thanks for your help..
  3. Dennis Laff, I want to run my CTB16PC controllers in DMX out of the P12S controller
  4. I dont have any trouble configuring the P12S in my network and running my pixels. Been doing that for 5 years now. I am a member of the AusChristmas site. the manual they have is for the P12R, which was the one before the P12S. The difference in the two boards is they added two ports for DMX. the only problem is, there is no manual for this updated controller and the older one doesnt have the DMX. Anytime i search all the references come back to the P12R. I have contacted J1SYS, the manufacturer of the board wirh no reply.
  5. If you have please tell me how to make it work. there is no documentation on this controller. i dont know if I need to change jumpers or what. I cant make it connect with my CTB19PC controller. Help... Thanks
  6. Could I get a copy also. Thanks. Packen@rallstech.com
  7. I know this is an old post but if you are watching, could I get the singing faces packen@rallstech.com
  8. May I get a copy too? Thanks packen@rallstech.com
  9. If you dont mind sharing would you send me some sequences for the singing tree faces. I just got the trees and started to put them together. Cant wait to start playing with them. I will take anything you are willing to share but please only share what is yours. Thanks packen@rallstech.com
  10. may i get a copy please and instructions. thanks packen@rallstech.com
  11. Anybody have any .lms sequences for pixel trees? I don't have SS. Need to play them with SE. Thanks in advance packen@rallstech.com
  12. Ive got a couple now that were 16 string and they work well. All im seeing now is singing faces. I guess its time to update my display.
  13. I am looking for some sequences for my 12 x 50 pixel tree. I do not have SS so I need them to be .lms files so I can use them in SE. If you have any you are willing to share I thank you. Please do not share others work without their permission. Packen@rallstech.com
  14. could I get a copy please? and instructions Thanks packen@rallstech.com
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