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  1. Congratulations! I could only hope to get that type of attention the first year into this addiction.
  2. That's awesome. I really likes the mixing of songs. It's different.
  3. That's amazing! I got teared up, thinking about it.
  4. I'm starting to stock up on lights during the year for my first setup and I was wondering; is there's anything I need to lookout for when I'm buying or programming LED lights? From what I've read some LED aren't dimmable and people use a "plugger" or connect a string into the controller (before the LEDs) for a voltage drop but if I achieve my goal, I'm going ot be +70% LED and 30% incan. I ask because I know technology changes all the time and I'm not sure if all LEDs in big box stores nowadays are OK with dimming and such.
  5. Could I possibly get those too? hoek dot fred at gmail dot com
  6. This is the reason I asked this question. I've heard the "don't lift the edge of your shingle" reason and common sense -as well as home improvement shows- frown on making any kind of holes into the shingles because water slowly-but-surely finds its way into anything. It would be good if we could a professional's input on this.
  7. I'm going to install some red, green and blue floodlights but would like to eliminate some of the clutter of installing one of each color at each focus point. I've seen some RGB LED floodlights on eBay but they require a remote to change the color. Are there any RGB floodlights that can be controlled without a remote? What is the best option? When using LED floodlights, what would be a good choice to light up 10ft wide section from 10 ft away or so? 20W, 30W?
  8. Before LOR system, I placed C9 LED along the roof line using clips and I had two really hard to reach areas. I tried every imaginable way to safely clip them, but ended up doing the Evel Knievel way without harness and just leaning forward on a downward pitch roof. Since I will be running multiple strings, I need to figure out a safer way. Front of house.pdf Both areas are on the 2nd story and they're circled in the attachement. I can reach most of it but in these two particular areas, the roof is higher or the floor is too low. The area on the left I can lie on the 2nd story roof (if need be)
  9. I think all four options are correct. The first 3 would be the legal methods. Borrowing isn't illegal, downloading for free is. Filesharing is still out there. I knew that a situation like yours would arise Dave. I would say pick the primary source. PS - what are TSO cds?
  10. Yep those are the same I have, but I guess should rephrase these questions because I think my post was confusing.... Is it OK to lift the shingle flap to hook the fastener to the shingle and then the lights or should I use a stapler with a wire guide? How could I secure a floodlight base (like this one) without harming the shingles?
  11. Is this what you use? http://www.noveltylights.com/SPT2-Female-Sockets-Green.html
  12. I do too, but I've never secured or installed anything on them. I should've been more specific and asks for tips how to secure these?
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