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  1. Use Audacity and cut and fade out the song where you want it. You can also use the option in LOR Sequence Editor to change the "Total Time". But the music will not fade out as it would if you edited the audio file.
  2. Yes it does answer my question. Thanks again for sharing and the lesson! Walt
  3. Thanks for sharing this! One question... for props 1-5 you specify a start row and column position, starting with 1,1 for prop 1 and going up to 5,5 for prop 5. Then there are no more row assignments. Since I am still learning all of the features superstar has, why were those assigned row/column numbers and the other ones not? Thanks again! Walt
  4. Very nice! Impressive effects! I too would like to know how you mapped the pixels into Superstar for those effects!
  5. So those computer speakers are going to be used for your show? Or are you using a separate audio cable to connect something else to it when your show is running? If sound comes out of the speakers, then it's not a SD card/MP3 file issue. You have to use the Hardware Utility to program the SD card. Configuration files are written in addition to your show files.
  6. Make sure use the "eject" option to make sure the files get flushed. You can also look on the SD card and confirm the files are there, and play the MP3 files to confirm they work. Make sure your audio cable works too!
  7. wbaker4

    Pixel channels

    You cannot have one Universe per output on the E682 unless you configure each output to have 170 pixels. You can specify each output having 100 pixels with 1-1 starting at Universe 1. Ending universe for the 400 pixels will be 3. 1200 channels / 510. Universe 3 will end at channel 180 for output 1-4. You can then configure output 2-1 starting at Universe 4, Output 3-1 Universe 7 and 4-1 Universe 10.
  8. My point was not understanding how his IP address changes. I understand how mine works.
  9. I don't understand how you can go from, to, and now to Through my Internet provider, my public IP address is for example - but since I have everything connected to a router, the router's IP address starts with 192.168.1.xxx. Everything in my house connects to the router and has addresses from up to When I connect to my provider's WiFi, I get a completely differ IP address and subnet.
  10. Do yourself a huge favor and buy a router. Configure it for 192.168.1.X Connect your computer to one if it's ports (1-4) - not the uplink port. Reboot your computer. Run ipconfig and you should have an IP address like Connect the E682 up to the router (port 1-4) and power it up. Assuming you didn't change its default IP address, you should be able to connect to using Use cables - no wifi to start.
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