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  1. I'm going to add one of the LOR pixel tree kits to my display next year. The tree kit is about. 6' 6" and it will set on top of a platform about one foot off the ground. How big of a star should I use for a topper? Is there a general rule for size. I have a 24" pixel star which I don't know if it would be too big. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. I can't seem to find my control panel menu to enable my show. The blue bulb is in the system tray and if I click on it I get the com listening. If I click on the control panel in the all apps menu it starts the puts the blue bulb in the trap and if I right click on the bulb it have a drop down menu that will let me open the comm listener or close the window. Any body have any ideas???????? Than you
  3. Found the problem thanks to DevMike It was my video driver was out of date.
  4. Thank You Very Much. I upgraded the driver for my video card and it fixed it all.
  5. I upgraded to S4 and the visualizer is acting crazy. I checked the other posts but nothing helped. I get the white screen in the visualizer like others have mentioned. I have to reboot, turn the advanced rendering off and on and sometimes it will work, then when it does work none of my shimmers show up in the visualizer, the lights that are suppose to shimmer just go off when it is called to shimmer. Gotta be a bug in S4. TOOOOO close to Christmas for this to happen. I have been playing with it for a week and can't get it to work right. Does anybody have any ideas????????? Everything is worki
  6. I have S4 and everything was working OK then one day I went in to fine tune some of my songs and I started having problems. A couple of my songs would start OK then the the sound would get messed up by sounding like it was in a barrel, fadding out, and disappearing altogether. Then I also noticed the shimmer stopped working on all the songs. I can't remember making any changes. I thought at first, computer sound card but outside of LOR everything works OK. I checked to see if the twinkle worked and that is OK. Then I restarted everything and one song cleared up but another one was the same. I
  7. So how does that work? Does basically the signal just goes out and the controller picks up its own signal and passes the rest and it so fast it doesn't matter?
  8. I am adding three more lor pixel sets to my show this year. Two of the sets are on the other side of the yard. Does it matter the order that the controllers are plugged in? ex. MY regular controllers are numbered 1, 2, 3 then the pixels controllers are numbered 10, 20, 24, 30, 40. When you plug the cat 5 cables in do they need to be plugged in to the controllers in that order or can I just plug them in in any order so I don't have to run more cables all over? ex. 2, 3, 1, 10, 30, 40, 20, 24. Thank you
  9. What are P10 panels?????? Anybody have a picture??????
  10. Does anybody have an idea when they will start shipping items that we bought from the sale???????????????? What was the wait period from last year?????
  11. Ron, I followed your instructions and it did work great. Bob was right I just wasn't able to figure it out. Thank you both. Have a great night.
  12. Thanks Bob, it worked on some of the changes I wanted. There are others that I was hoping to change to a completely different color like red to green, or blue, etc. Maybe there will be something in the future where you could hylite an area and change all the blocks that are turned on to a different color. Have a Great day. Dave
  13. Is there a easy fast way to change color on an existing sequence in the sequence editor on something that is sequenced for pixels? Or is the slow painful way the only way?
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