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  1. Worked with my Paypal account. Before the sale started, I added a non sale item and then I went all the way to 'confirmation' in the paypal path, all worked OK and then backed out back to the sale page and waited for the sale to start.
  2. Start with a marathon of all the videos out there. LOR has a bunch of S5 videos that will start giving you an understanding of what is going on with S5. There are a couple just on pixel strings. From there you can start experimenting and asking specific questions on what you are having problems with. Make sure your preview is setup correctly and then added to the sequence you are working with. Your license level will be important as it will impact what you can do. Would be helpful if you would update your profile with the version you have installed.
  3. I moved from S3 to S5 right at 12 months ago. I was able to move everything from S3 into S5 with almost no problems. Can't remember the catches I encountered but had everything running in about a days work. There is a big learning curve so take your time, concentrate on getting the old sequences running correctly in your new network and then being able to modify them. Watch the videos until your eyes cross. Then start thinking about adding new props, pixels, etc one at a time. Not sure I understand your problem but if I am reading it correctly, moving the whole grid left and right is done with the scroll bars at the bottom. Or are you trying to move some lights you have on as a group left-right within the sequence?
  4. Thanks. I have been working with James extensively. I have called him my professor. Have about completed Basic SS 101 and starting RGB 102. The tuition is on the expensive side. 😎 😁 😮
  5. I would appreciate receiving a copy. The conscientious at Sunday School today was that they thought Hot Chocolate would be a good addition. I will be getting phonic mind later this month and with James assistance, will be using it to modify/compare the faces for what I can generate for my pixel tree and matrix. Another great learning project. I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share gblankenbiller@yahoo.com
  6. Thanks, was curious if for a long vocal sequence, the timing might get a little off, but I guess that if it did, just chop it up into smaller segments.
  7. James, Looking at the documentation for Xtrax Stems, it looks like outputs are .WAV files 44.1kHz, 16-bit. Are you having to modify the output file in any way before you use it in SS or is the timing match what we use in SE?
  8. As Texas Lights eluded, try accessing the SD card from Explorer. Try coping any file to it. Delete it. Did you have any problems? If so, could be the card or the reader. I had problems this year and found that it was caused by the USB device that I was plugging the SD card into. In fact, I had 2 of the devices go bad. Got an 'el-cheepo' from WallyWorld and have not had any other problems this year.
  9. I know it will not help this year but for next year, might help someone. Several years ago, during the heat of the summer, I put the pipe on the roof (asphalt) when it was 100 deg outside. Used a rope threaded through the pipe and pulled the ends together. Each day, pulled it more and more until I had the shape I needed. Amazing how soft it would get. And they are still holding their shape.
  10. Create a second SD with the option to 'run any time there is power'. Then after 5pm Tuesday, insert the continuous run SD and it will run until you take it out. I make 2 SD cards, one with my normal hours and a second one that I label continuous that I use when testing during daylight hours.
  11. Just finished the final installations and testing last night. 65 deg at 5pm yesterday and 29 deg with wind gusting to 30 this morning. Plan on running this Weekend (15-17) and go live the weekend before Thanksgiving. Everything is up so might as well let them run.
  12. Are you trying to use a G3 (2 port) or a N4-MP3 (4 port) director? In Hub, can you list each of the steps and the values you are entering? Make sure you are in the "Manage/Create Shows" tab and you want to select "Create New SD Card Show". If you are going to use a metal cased director, you want the second option. If my assumptions are correct, and you now have the Select SD Card Drive window, does it list the drive that your SD card is loaded into. Next are you finding the sequence on the left side of the next window and does it move to the right after selecting it and clicking on the green plus (+). If you don't find it, you are probably displaying the wrong drive and you will have to 'Change Directory'. I find that starting out, I choose the first option This show palys ... "Whenever the show director has power." You can always reset it to play specific times/days later after you get things working correctly. Even if your only have one network, I find selecting the Advanced option gives me more control over things. I select 'Next>>' twice and then select the number of ports you will be using. The Step 4 window is the one that has given me the most problems this season, but I am running 3 ports enhanced. If you have gotten to this point, there are a couple pieces of information that is critical. What types of controllers are you using and what is their firmware versions? Are you using more than one network, what is on each? This will help indicating what Protocol and Speed you need to select. On a side note, I had 2 USB to SD card adapters and both of them started flaking out on me. I had to go to Walmart at 11pm, and purchased one of their $12 ones and so far, have not had any problems with multiple SD cards of several brands.
  13. Glad I am well past my assembler days. 'Forgetting more then I ever knew', at least being retired is a good excuse.
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