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  1. Exactly what I need it for...............a few Coro singing faces. Can you share the names of those programs? May have to buy or try.
  2. Thanks for the input........maybe a better explanation is this: I don’t want to change the tone, beat or anything on the original song file. I am trying to find a way to make it easier to get props “spot on” for the various sounds in the song. Take Bing Crosby & David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy” as an example. We have two vocals, some drums and then other background sounds. I would like to silence everything except one vocal and then sequence that vocal. Then do the same for the other vocal. Then silence both vocals and focus on the background items. When I am all done, turn everything back on to the original file and viola ….. my props are perfect. Is that something Audacity could help with? Maybe split the various items into separate files and then bring individual files in to the SE. Sequence each one and then have Audacity combine them all?
  3. Does v4 (or any version for that matter) have the ability to isolate different tracks of a song to make the sequencing process easier? For example, if there is a drummer in the song, be able to mute the other portions of the song while you focus only on the drum and then get the sequence exactly like you want it?
  4. Does anyone have a viz file for the Singing Mrs Santa Claus Face from Holiday Coro that you would be willing to share?
  5. Does anyone have a viz file for the Singing Mrs Santa Claus Face from Holiday Coro that you would be willing to share?
  6. Hi Jim. I am getting ready to start my first pixel adventure ever with a tree similar to yours here. I have no idea of the complexities involved yet with sequencing pixels but if you had to take a guess, if you just focused on the tree and sequenced that whole song, how much time would it take you? Ballpark. Very nice display by the way!
  7. "I would like a copy sent to lindgrenpiano@gmail.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks JR!
  8. I currently run Version 4.4.4 and have a 3 controller network with only incandescents. I am about to venture into the world of RGB for net years display. I am going to build a 4’ RGB tree. I think I have all of my components picked out but the Pixie 4 controller page recommends the Pro version of LOR. My question is: Is that a recommendation or is it MANDATORY that you have the Pro license. In other words, if you don’t will I not be able to sequence and run the tree?
  9. So help me with the hardware I would need to do what you did. 2 AC controllers....isn’t that what I have now? A Pixie 2 controller....is that one of the CCR controller packs that come with some RGB strings? Oh, and will my ELL network work with this?
  10. Sorry about the coming to a close. It is for me, as we are going to venture out of 85 degree FL and head to 0 degree MN for about 2 weeks. I am going to leave my show running and monitor it from afar to make sure all goes well. When we get back it will be time to dismantle. thus Coming to a close.
  11. Well....that gives me a little insight. I guess I am not married to ELL's. I could easily switch to a complete hardwired network. What I like though is the smooth transition of color capabilities such as the pixel trees. I assume that means my CTB controllers won't cut it and I would also need the high speed USB adapters. Would I need to upgrade my license as well to a higher level to be able to do the necessary sequencing? If I do smart pixels, if I am understanding it correctly, you need 3 channels for one bulb in order to get all color combinations? So one 16 channel controller could handle 5 bulbs? Wow....does it really cost a fortune in equipment to have a show with 100,000 lights? How can anybody afford this hobby?
  12. As the season will be coming to close soon, I have begun thinking about next year already. I currently have 4 - CTB16PC controllers but am only using 3 this year. I currently run S4.4.4 Standard Edition and after looking at S5, have no desire to go there. My entire display uses incandescents but I want to begin converting to LED’s. I currently use 2 - ELL’s to get my signal to the yard. I have watched videos for the RGB products & Singing Trees and quite honestly I don’t know what to buy or even what will work on my ELL network. Some guidance would be appreciated and in particular, what would be the least costly step to begin my transition away from incans. And if I need to upgrade either my hardware or my license as well. Thanks!
  13. What do you use to dub the audio back in Phil? Can Audactiy do that?
  14. Thanks all. I have now been working on my sequences with my MB Pro, since that machine is so much faster than the NEW Lenovo I bought this year to run my show. When I am done with a file I then copy it to the PC to insert into the show. However, I think I am going to experiment with my MacBook Air and try to get my show to run from it. Windows 10 just seems so slow just to even boot up to get to the LOR suite. Plus that way I will be able to more easily remote access in to the show if we happen to be gone a few days during the season.
  15. How can I change it to white so I can see the grid?
  16. Couple of messages from Help Desk and I got the Visualizer and Sequencer to work on the Windows side of my Mac. Now I can work on my files in the evening while the show is running on my PC! Just had to turn off Advanced Rendering Engine in the Vizualizer.
  17. Did you ever get your problem solved? Are you running LOR on your Mac via Parallels? I am trying to just use the SE & Viz to work on files while the show is running on my PC. The SE runs great but I can't get the Viz to show the lights.
  18. That's what Parallels is Phil....a VM that allows you to run Windows programs. I am currently running Windows 7 in the VM and have to decide if I want to go to 10 when support for 7 ends next month. Not looking forward to 10 at all.
  19. Parallels runs on Mac and allows you to run Windows simultaneously on your Mac. Simply swipe and you have all you Mac OS programs and swipe back and you have all your Windows programs.
  20. I think you are correct Keith that LOR may not "run" from the Mac. It sure looks like you can create/modify sequences while on the Mac. Actually the SE appears to run a lot faster on the Mac as well. I am just having trouble getting the Visualizer to run. I think I will open a ticket and see what they say about doing the sequencing/visualizing on the Mac with Parallels.
  21. I run my show on a PC dedicated for LOR but now with the show running, I want to still work on fine tuning things in the evening. I have LOR downloaded onto my MacBook and as well as copies of all of my files. The SE seems to run perfectly. The VI opens and appears to have my layout shown properly but when I put it in to simulation mode and run the sequence, nothing shows up on the VI. Any ideas?
  22. I am having trouble 'grabbing" the timing lines with my cursor. I am trying to fine tune things to get the timing lines matched up a little better with the wave form and am having difficulty "grabbing" the lines with my cursor. It seems to be very sensitive and doesn't readily get the lines to highlight the <------->. Is there a preference setting somewhere to help?
  23. Interested in how everyone videos their display? Particularly interested in the methods used to make sure you get the audio synced with the lights. Use an FM receiver to record it live with the lights? VIdeo lights only and then dub the audio to it with a computer program? Some other method?
  24. I am running S4 with a nice simple 32 channel config. 5 songs totaling about 18 minutes. I want to run it every 1/2 hour and then go dark for 12 minutes. One way to do it is to schedule a show on the half hour with a 15 minute run time. That way it should go dark after the last song and start again 12 minutes after ending. This involves multiple scheduling starts. Is there another way to do it with one schedule starting at 6 pm and ending at 10 pm?
  25. How do I change the default folder where schedules get saved in S4? They just show up in the LOR folder and I want them in a sub-folder Schedules in the LOR folder.
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