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  1. So what is the purpose of the import function? Seems to me it will always mess up an existing sequence then. But Phil says you CAN import into subsequent (existing I take that to mean) or am I wrong?
  2. Ok, I am confused. Running v4.4.4 Pro. Say for example I have 2 songs just the way I want them. Timing is just right on both, the visualizer has all the props just right and the songs look great on the house. Now I add a new element to the show, say another Weber tree. I add the new prop to the Visualizer, add a new controller in the yard and to the Sequencer Editor. Get one song just right with the new element. Now I want to change the configuration for the other song as well. So I Export the config file from the first sequence. Then I open up the other sequence and Import the new configuration to it. For some reason, it messes up that sequence that was running properly. The channels get all mixed up. Shouldn’t the import just add the new channels to that sequence and then I simply have to get the timing correct for the new element?
  3. It was just pointed out to me that there is a free version for personal use. I have now installed it and will try to figure out how to use it. If you're available next week, I would have time either Wednesday or Thursday if that works for you Bob. Let me know. Thx!
  4. I see that now. I will sign up and see if I can figure out how to remote with someone. Thx Phil
  5. Thanks for the offer but I'm not going to pay $49/mo for teamviewer. I'll continue to try to figure out the translator.
  6. Thanks JR. I did create the viz file for Mrs. Claus using that pic. My drawing isn't the greatest but it serves the purpose. As for sequencing, I am doing fine with that on this prop since there are only 3 channels for her Open or Closed mouth. Not too difficult. Same is true for Mr. Claus singing.....only a couple of channels for Open or Closed mouth. Now the Coro singing tree is different. Lots of channel possibilities for Open / Closed. It's here that Papagayo is useful. I am currently working on a song with the tree in Papagayo (after finally figuring it out) but once done there, I still don't know how to use the Translator to get it from PPGO into the proper channels of the SE. I could use help with that if you have time after Halloween. Much appreciated if you could! Thanks Don
  7. Thks dibblejr! I will take you up on that offer after Halloween. don
  8. I guess I must be really slow at this stuff. Your video doesn't help me much Bob. When I run the PapagaoToLOR file, I simply don't know what to put in the 10x6 matrix box that pops up. Here is my channel layout for the Singing Tree... Channel Controls 1 Outline 2 Eyes 3 Eye Lids 4 Top Lip 5 Mid Lip 6 Bottom Lip 7 O Mouth 8 Oval Mouth I assume I put the channel number in the boxes but I don't know what channel number to put in the boxes. Do you have to fill in all 60 boxes? Confused for sure.....
  9. Very nice! I am using that exact Santa in a couple of different songs. Having a little bit of a struggle manually getting it to look good. I will likely try to connect after Halloween with you. In the meantime, I think I will try ppgo on it.
  10. Thanks for verifying this is still the latest for this step in the process. I guess I just make sure my SE file has the items in the proper order and then import the file. Will give it a try. is there a video showing how to create another face (Mrs Claus from Coro) to put in the ppgo file so I can do that face? Maybe it’s out there but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks Bob!
  11. Thanks JR.. I finally got things figured out on how to use PPGO. First phrases, then words, then sounds. Stuck on the next step using the translator though. I can import to it but then I am lost. Don
  12. Thanks Bob. I finally figured out how to match things up ...... first with phrases, then words, then sounds within the words. I can see how this will produce great shows! On to the next step. I did the export voice to file and then import to translator, but now I am lost. What do I do now? I see there is an export to LOR clipboard button but nothing happens. I assume I have to do something in the matrix on the left but don't know what the C1 - C6 means. Can you help me out? Also, how do I get a new face into faces list in Papagayo? I have a Coro Mrs. Santa this year. I did a fairly nice viz file in LOR. Does that come into play when adding a new face to PPGO? Thanks!! Don
  13. I am new to this but I have the same issue. When I click and drag to the right, I expect it to move all the song phrases to the right. It doesn't. Only moves one phrase and it collapses as it moves right thus ruining that phrase. I am using version I did get the LOR faces into the proper folder so ppgo picks up the faces. Also, trying to find help on what to do once you get everything lined up properly and the faces are working properly. How do you get that file in the the SE and assigned to the proper channels in SE? Can't find any discussion about that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Don
  14. Just went to ItsmeBob site and downloaded Papagayo. Looks like that program would be very helpful for these singing faces. Do you know if there is a tutorial that helps with the learning curve on this program? I have some of the very basics figured out but trying to sync the words to the wave form seems really tricky. "Click and drag" seems to just take a phrase and then it collapses everything on to itself rather than moving the entire text. Anybody use it frequently that can give me some guidance? Thanks!
  15. I do that as well but often times things get tricky and you can’t distinguish between things. When you are working with talking faces you have to be really precise. Especially when you have faces ‘talking’ to each other.
  16. Exactly what I need it for...............a few Coro singing faces. Can you share the names of those programs? May have to buy or try.
  17. Thanks for the input........maybe a better explanation is this: I don’t want to change the tone, beat or anything on the original song file. I am trying to find a way to make it easier to get props “spot on” for the various sounds in the song. Take Bing Crosby & David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy” as an example. We have two vocals, some drums and then other background sounds. I would like to silence everything except one vocal and then sequence that vocal. Then do the same for the other vocal. Then silence both vocals and focus on the background items. When I am all done, turn everything back on to the original file and viola ….. my props are perfect. Is that something Audacity could help with? Maybe split the various items into separate files and then bring individual files in to the SE. Sequence each one and then have Audacity combine them all?
  18. Does v4 (or any version for that matter) have the ability to isolate different tracks of a song to make the sequencing process easier? For example, if there is a drummer in the song, be able to mute the other portions of the song while you focus only on the drum and then get the sequence exactly like you want it?
  19. Does anyone have a viz file for the Singing Mrs Santa Claus Face from Holiday Coro that you would be willing to share?
  20. Does anyone have a viz file for the Singing Mrs Santa Claus Face from Holiday Coro that you would be willing to share?
  21. Hi Jim. I am getting ready to start my first pixel adventure ever with a tree similar to yours here. I have no idea of the complexities involved yet with sequencing pixels but if you had to take a guess, if you just focused on the tree and sequenced that whole song, how much time would it take you? Ballpark. Very nice display by the way!
  22. "I would like a copy sent to lindgrenpiano@gmail.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks JR!
  23. I currently run Version 4.4.4 and have a 3 controller network with only incandescents. I am about to venture into the world of RGB for net years display. I am going to build a 4’ RGB tree. I think I have all of my components picked out but the Pixie 4 controller page recommends the Pro version of LOR. My question is: Is that a recommendation or is it MANDATORY that you have the Pro license. In other words, if you don’t will I not be able to sequence and run the tree?
  24. So help me with the hardware I would need to do what you did. 2 AC controllers....isn’t that what I have now? A Pixie 2 controller....is that one of the CCR controller packs that come with some RGB strings? Oh, and will my ELL network work with this?
  25. Sorry about the coming to a close. It is for me, as we are going to venture out of 85 degree FL and head to 0 degree MN for about 2 weeks. I am going to leave my show running and monitor it from afar to make sure all goes well. When we get back it will be time to dismantle. thus Coming to a close.
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