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  1. Thanks JR. The more I read and learn the more questions that develop. Now that the bride got involved, the plans have changed too. Instead of a medium mega tree, she saw these (https://boscoyostudio.com/product/daycor-hires-chromabulb-30-hanging/) and wants 5 of them to hang along the front gutter of the house. I actually think that may be an easier way for me to learn so that is the plan right now. Since I haven't bought any equipment yet to add to my LOR, I thought I might ask just to make sure I start of the the right foot. Each prop takes 143 nodes, so I guess 15 - 50 node pixels would do the trick in total. Then the question is which Pixie (or Pixies) would work. I assume a Pixie8 since that can handle 800 pixels? (need only 715). Is this the best approach or would having multiple Pixie4's be a better choice? There are linear distance limitations that have to be considered if I understand things properly. Am I on the right track? Thanks
  2. he wants to get a bunch of neighbors all hooked up to one system next year. Told him it seems like a great idea but it would be a huge project. Have to get everyone on board to help out. Equipment, design, layout, not to mention the programming time. He knows nothing of automated lights but is a tech type guy and a handyman so that is a start. I haven't seen much here about people doing entire neighborhoods and I am wondering if anyone has experience doing so? I can only just start to imagine the amount of effort involved!! Anyone have any thoughts that will help us decide whether or not we should even go down this road? Don
  3. I too have been a dedicated Mac user for many years. When I started with LOR 7 years ago, I thought the same thing. I was running any of my PC software via Parallels and figure LOR would be the same. Well, it turns out, it may work but usually does not. Like you say, another layer of complexity is introduced plus I think there are bugs that show up in LOR when running with Parallels. I wound up using an older PC I had laying around running windows 7 and used that just for my LOR stuff. Had to 're-learn' navigating Windows but that didn't take too long. A few years into it, I decided to buy a new low end PC with faster processing power and newer Windows, couple hundred bucks. Now I really never have any issues running LOR but I must admit there really is a learning curve on how to use all the various component pieces of the LOR software to create the show and get it running. I am currently running v4.4.4 Pro level and am considering now jumping to v5 right after I tear down this years' show. Reason being, from what I understand v5 is another new 'quantum leap' learning curve from v4. But have been told that once you get the hang of it, it is much better and more powerful if you ever want to get into running RGB, pixel type items. My plan is to add a mid size Mega Tree, RGB for next year. Gives me almost a whole year to learn v5. If I were you, I would just jump right in with v5 and forget the learning of v4 since you would be doubly frustrated. No need to basically learn 2 methodologies just to get started. You may have to pay an incremental cost to get your current license up to v5 but most likely worth it. Good luck....and don't be afraid to ask questions out here. There are a lot of very talented, helpful members who will get you going. Don
  4. Well, the Show is running smoothly and I can see the winding-down process beginning. But that IS just the beginning. I am looking forward to a small addition for next year but need some help. I currently run a v4.4. Pro license with Super Star Demo. I have 4 - CBT16PC controllers for the display, using about 60 circuits total. A relatively compact display on the house and front yard with 3 singing faces and various bush lights. All using incans. I currently use two ELL’s to run the show wirelessly from the house. I have been thinking of converting to LED’s but not done so yet. I think I want to try a different approach first. I have always thought of exploring pixels, RGB and think I will try my hand at a modest Mega tree using them. Here’s where I need help……lots of questions, with more to come I am sure: Equipment I assume LOR can handle such a project. What software level (or upgrade) do I need that will keep the incans (or future LED’s) running and also run a pixel tree? Since there would be a learning curve anyway, would now be the time to up to v5? Are there advantages in v5 that would be useful in the pixel environment? What pieces of hardware (controllers, adapters, etc) do I need to add? Can I continue to use the ELL’s or do I need to hardwire out to the display? Tree Right now I am thinking about 10’ with 360 degree viewing. How many strips would give a good look? I assume either 16 or 32? What is a good spacing of the pixels on the strip for a 10’ tree? Recommendation for type or style of pixel to get? Thanks in advance for all of the advice.
  5. Thanks Keith! Can’t you just change intensity level in the LOR commands down to a lower percentage?
  6. Thanks for the input. I will look into that style and order a set or two to see how they work out. Then keep an eye out for after Christmas sales......those things are still pricey for some reason. Thought after this many years of tech improvements the price would come down a bit.
  7. I have singing faces from Holiday Coro, all currently using incans. I would like to convert them to LED (Not RGB) string lights. What size/style bulb would fit in the holes and stay tight, since the factory hole has slightly enlarged when the incans were put it? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the tip! Ran the Verifier for the whole Show and found 7 channel conflicts between some of the Musical sequences and a Background sequence. I had never used Verifier before so I had to figure out what the results were telling me. Once I did that, I deleted 7 conflicting channels from the Background sequence and all is good! I didn't realize the importance of channel useage between the sequences in a common Show. I thought conflicts could only arise in a single sequence. Something to keep in mind for the future.
  9. I ran just the single sequence. I will try the whole show. Could it be a channel conflict elsewhere causing this?
  10. I have a couple of songs in which the same problem occurs in the same prop but ONLY when the show is running. The problem does NOT occur when running the song in the SE visualizer. I have two spinning trees on one controller. Each tree uses 8 channels. The problem occurs only on the tree that uses channels 1-8. When playing the song in the Visualizer, everything works just fine. When I turn on the show and it comes to that song, one of the spinning trees seems to freeze with only 1 channel lit for several seconds. Then all channels come on again and the tree spins properly. I thought there must be a channel conflict so I ran the Verifier and there is no conflict for the channels of the tree. I don't have any other ideas. Anybody have a clue? Running v4.4.4
  11. I changed to the garage GFCI outlet. Ran the show through twice, past the point where it tripped before, with NO trip. I think this problem is solved! Thanks. Now I have one other problem to fix. I have one prop (a spinning tree) that sometimes uses all 8 channels and other times gets stuck with only 1 channel lit. Reading through the forum, it seems likely I have some channels with conflicting instructions. I don't know how to find where the conflict is though. Is that what the Verifier does? I have never used that function.
  12. Looking at my panel, I see every 120 v breaker has a test button, with the exception of 2 in the garage & the fridge. Would the garage ones be GFCI only? Perhaps use one of those?
  13. Looking on line, it seems all you can find are dual GFCI/AFCI, all around $60. I did see a simple Eaton 15 amp breaker for $8 but probably not good idea for the outdoor application. If I can find just a GFCI only breaker do you think that may solve the tripping issue?
  14. Not sure......I will have to take the panel cover off to perhaps find some markings. The house is new though (1 yr in FL) Perhaps it is combo due to code.
  15. Comments from 9/28............. Running version 4.4.4. Ran my first show last nite and encountered a few issues. I have 6 songs and in 4 of them the same prop acts up. It is a spinning Christmas tree with 8 channels. During the show, it freezes for a moment and only displays 1 channel for several seconds. When I checked the file this morning in SE, there is no problem with the sequence/visualizer. I am wondering if that controller (number 1 in all cases) has an issue with channels 1-8? Also during the show last nite, during one of the suspect songs, the GCFI tripped. The ground was dry and there was no moisture involved. After the breaker was restored and the show cycled to the same song, again the breaker tripped. I stopped the show for the nite with the intent of fixing the problem today.......but the sequence runs with no problem. What do you make of this? Thanks UPDATE *********** 7 pm ECT 9/29. Ran the show tonight and again the breaker was tripped during the same song as last night. Reset the breaker and continued on. Once it cycled to that song, it tripped again. Shut it down for the night. One thing I noticed as I shut down the computer is there were 2 control panel icons active in the system tray. Could that have been the cause?
  16. This is very strange but causing me a problem. Ran the show last night and saw several small problems I want to fix in various sequences. When I open the file in SE, I discover it is not the sequence that is playing in the Show file. Here is a screen shot of the file that is playing in the show. I can't seem to find that file and don't know how to find the path to it on my computer. Tried right clicking but no luck with that. Did a Windows search and that didn't help either. The Show Editor screen doesn't stretch so I can see the complete name of the file either. Very frustrating. ps - I have always struggled with the naming and location of files in LOR. Is it just me or do others have the same problem?
  17. Thanks. That seemed to do the trick. Ready for the show to begin tomorrow night!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hey I am confused. Running v4.4.4. I simply want turn on my FM sign at the start of the show. The show runs for 4 hours. I created a 4 hour 4 minute constant on sequence for the sign using channel 03-16. None of my musical sequences have that channel in their sequence. Where do I put the On Sign sequence? The Background tab or the Animation Tab in the Show file?
  19. Thanks for the tip Jim. Works great. In summary, 1) plug in your USB adapter (no light output needed) 2) Have your Visualizer running 3) right click on the light bulb in the tray 4) select Show on Demand & pick your show from your Show folder 5) Start show.....sit back and enjoy (more than likely critique to make refinements!)
  20. Ahhh ha. So I will give that a try. No need to go to Pref. I will just hook up the adapter and check it out. Fool the adapter I guess! Hope it works. Sure makes sense to see the whole show on your computer in Visualizer before you do a “Chevy Chase” plug in!
  21. Thanks Jim. I will look into it when I get a chance. But what’s the purpose of the adapter if I am running the show to the Visualizer? And what do I do in Net Pref? Never been in that function before.
  22. Running S4 and using Visualizer to build my sequences. When I have all my songs done, is there a way to run my entire show on the Visualizer before I set it to run on the house? That would make life a whole lot easier but I am not sure how, or if, it can be done. Does anyone know how? Thx
  23. Thanks. That begs the obvious question.....is it really worth it? Is it that much better? Much more capability? Or perhaps worries they will stop supporting S4? In other words, why switch?
  24. Not to change the subject here, cuz I know there are plenty of threads out there on the subject, but how tough is the learning curve on S5? Just a quick answer for a somewhat experienced novice on S4 like me.......very tough, not too bad, or simple?
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