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  1. I am fairly new to pixels but starting to get the hang of it. I have built 2 singing bulb faces but they are from different vendors. They are very similar in design but one uses 200 pixels while the other has only 150. I have wired each to have 8 identical face movements but only the pupil of each have a common number of pixels - 4 for each eye. I have the 200 pixel face working just fine. It has the pixel strings with the exact number of segments and pixels for each component. My question is this: I have just finished physically wiring the 150 pixel face but haven't created the Prop for it yet. I wanted to test the lights out so I figured I would simply try to disconnect the working face and re-connect the controller to the corresponding part of the 150 pixel face. Lo & behold only the pupil part of the new face lit up during a sequence, no doubt because that is the only component that had an equal number of pixels and segments in each face. Am I correct in this assumption? I haven't yet built the Prop but that is my next step and I am sure I will confirm the answer. Don
  2. Thanks Jim. Didn’t see that function before. Works great. Thanks.
  3. I am trying to tidy up my existing show. All of my sequences have been converted from S4 to S5 and are running properly with the Preview I built that does not have a background. So I have started from scratch and built a new Preview with my house as the background. I have placed all the props in the correct position and all have the proper Unit ID's/channels assigned to them. So my question is how do I run the sequences with the new Preview instead of the existing Preview?
  4. My problem was the slider for max ID's to check. I had apparently at one point slid it all the way to the left for minimum ID's. I will have to learn this hexidecimal system now that I am adding Pixie controllers to my 4 AC units. I moved the slider well over to the right, hit refresh and it found the pixie on Com4. All lights work properly. However, as I was then playing some of the sequences that I thought were done, I found out I am not 100% sure what "Motion Effects" are when using S5. For some reason, I had Motion Effects in some of the AC channel sequences and that was preventing the sequence from running. Got an error message about that and once I removed them from the AC portion of the sequence, all worked fine......AC lights and the pixie hanging bulb. Learning pains about networks & S5. Good thing I started this process in February! Hopefully I will have all the bugs worked out of my display in time for the Season. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Something has gone wrong with the network. I have been offline for several weeks now doing sequencing and have finished that. I wanted to connect now to the props and see how it looks. I plug the black adapter in with the ELL's attached and the HU finds the single AC unit #2 on com3. All lights test out as working fine. With the red adapter plugged in and refreshing the HU, it does not seem to find the Pixie controller on com4, it only finds the AC on com3. The red light on the controller is a steady red blink. The device manager in windows finds both com3 & com4 ports. checked for updated drivers and both say they are current. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks guys. My black adapter is the RS485 with Booster and the red adapter is the RS-485HS. Since you just informed me I can go a couple !000 feet between units, I will figure out how to daisy chain everything from the red adapter using just the one cable. The black adapter runs the AC things just fine using the ELL's. No problem there. Now waiting on supplies to build my second singing pixel face. Have 10 songs sequenced so far using 3 AC faces + 1 pixel face. Should be my best show ever!
  7. This year for the first time I will be running both AC controllers and several Pixie controllers. My PC has only 2 USB ports and I will be using one port for a black adapter for the ELL's that I use on the AC controllers and the other port for a red adapter for the Pixies. My question is this: can I somehow split the signal from the red adapter and run ethernet cable in two different directions to the various Pixies? My layout is such that it will be difficult to daisy chain the Pixies.
  8. Thanks guys. I kind of thought that was the case. I typically do that anyway but was looking for a shortcut to get it started.
  9. Can the VU Wizard be used to detect background beats, sounds, taps, etc and then create a freeform timing for them? Or is there another way to do that?
  10. Matt Brown of LOR just responded to me on an open ticket on this subject. He said they are working on bringing it back into S5! No timeframe given. Hope it is soon.
  11. Thanks Phil. I don't know any of those guys/gals at LOR. Sounds like several of you guys do. Add my name to the list and let them know the group that would like to see this function return is growing. I don't know programming but it would seem to be a fairly easy function to incorporate.......may be all wet but it's worth a shot.
  12. Thanks for all of your help JR. I am getting the actual "usage" of S5 figured out. Sequencing is fairly easy for me. I may need a refresher though when the time comes to add another Pixie to the show for another Prop of some type.
  13. Oh man......that is a real bummer! Seems like that would be something at the top of their list to incorporate into a new package like this. Have you any feedback whether or not they are considering it?
  14. OK I have an update for everyone that has helped me getting this going. I have successfully converted my entire 2020 show to the S5 format. Plus I have added my new prop (Hanging pixel light bulb) to each sequence. I have incorporated its singing face nicely into each song and am getting a good feel for using S5. Looks like I will use it from now on. So now I have created a Show using the Hub with all of the updated sequences. Now I want to see the show in its entirety in the Previewer so I will simply have to hook everything up in the yard once the time comes. (I am a little ahead of schedule!). In S4, that could be done by plugging in the USB adapter even though no lights were connected yet. Then open the Control Panel and do a Show on Demand. Worked perfectly. Since I will have both AC & Pixie controllers now, I have plugged in both the black and red adapters thinking that would work the same. Well I can hear the audio properly but can't find how to get the viewer to turn on so I can see it. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks!
  15. JR.....you have SOLVED the problem. A big Thank You!! Thanks also to the others who helped me along the way to getting my singing Pixel bulb operational ..... Jim & The Ducks. I am well on my way now to getting this Singing Bulb prop built into my entire show from last year and then on to more & more pixels I am sure of it! This should be my best year ever.....and most likely with S5 from here on in. ps to Jim - after I switched from Comm4 to Comm3 as JR suggested, I then re-installed my ELL's on the Comm3, the Regular incandescent network, and it works fine now as well.
  16. My show seems run on Comm4. I have obviously hit that panic button several times trying to get both Comm3 & Comm4 to work. When I say YES to Comm3 being the show port, the HU finds the AC controller but when the sequence is played, nothing happens. When I change it back to Comm4 as the show port, the Pixie works fine but the AC controller is not found on Comm3.
  17. I have hardwired the black adapter to the computer and run the HU. It finds the controller on Comm3 and when tested, all the lights on the prop work. Perhaps my ELL's have died. I have also looked on the Device Manager with both the black and red adapters plugged in.. Windows finds both...the black on Comm3 and the red on Comm4. When I unplug them, the DM drops them off as expected. Now.......... when I run the HU and Refresh on Comm4, it finds the controller and all pixels work properly I change the Manual Select to Comm3, I say NO to should that be the show port, then Refresh. It finds the AC controller and all lights work fine. At this point, both controllers have their indicator lights on steady, meaning they must be on their network connections. When I exit the HU, Comm3 drops out and the indicator light is blinking green. The Pixie light remains on steady red. I play a Sequence and the Pixie works fine and both the Prop and the Preview are working fine. Nothing of course from the AC Prop connected to the Comm3 black adapter. Any thoughts how to proceed now?
  18. This is the black adapter I am using. The other ELL is on the AC controller which is powered on and 8 ports connected to the actual prop. Do I need something further?
  19. In the preview, I have assigned all the elements of the show to be either on Aux A network (all 4 AC controllers) or Regular (Pixies 16) network. See a portion of the attached. The HU can find the Regular network on comm4 but it can’t find the Aux A network on comm3. See attached. What am I doing wrong? BTW, when I attempt to Refresh the HU to switch from comm4 to comm3, I am presented a choice of Y or N to a question of will the show be on that network. I have tried answering both ways but still the HU can’t find the Aux A network. I am using ELL’s for the Aux A network. I
  20. Is this where you have to assign EACH item a network? (righthand column)
  21. I don't see where I "assign the Controller to Aux A instead of Regular in EACH sequence"
  22. Thanks. So I do have both the red and black adapters (booster style) and now I know I need to use both. The problem with the link is it gives you no guidance on the steps needed to make the system run. i.e, what do you need to do in the HU (if anything) and then what do you need to do in the SE to make the system go?
  23. Right now there is only an ELL connected to comm3 and another ELL connected to an AC controller. The goal is to have 4 AC controllers via ELL daisy chained to the first one. That is always the way it has worked for me. Now I am adding the Pixie via com4. When I manually select comm3 as the port, then hit Refresh, it does not find the AC controller. I plug the red adapter in to the USB port, hit auto config and it finds comm 4 and asks if I want that port. I say Yes and it changes to omm 4. I then hit Refresh and it finds the Pixie unit only, no AC unit.
  24. That didn't take long! Stuck. I have the black adapter in one USB port and the red adapter in the other USB port. Only have 2 on my machine. I run Auto Config in the HU and it finds 2 active Comm ports.....3 and 4. Then I run Refresh and it only finds the Pixie on Comm 4 & nothing on Comm 3 where the ELL is attached. What next?
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