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  1. ..... can this be done in S5? In S4, with the USB Adapter plugged in to the PC but not connected to a controller, you could watch the show on the PC with the Visualizer running. I am trying to do the same now in S5 but the Visualizer has been replaced with Preview which is in the SE. When trying to do a Show on Demand it looks like the only way to use the Preview screen is to have the SE open but then a Com fault occurs. Any way around that so you can run Preview and watch a Show on Demand?
  2. Righhht.....I found a Float preview button which gets it looking good but that does not show up all the time. I can resize that nicely but how do you 'undock' it?
  3. Ah ha.... thank you! Now the problem is the Preview looked perfect after importing but the sequence stretched it across entire screen distorting it dramatically.
  4. Got that far already. Preview is in there somewhere but when I hit the Playback Window button, the audio runs properly - channels are correctly show, no errors but yet no Preview window pops up to see any lights.
  5. to get a sequence from s4 to s5? I've looked at lots of videos, read lots of threads and other tips and I've found they quickly go deep into the weeds. It is very easy to get lost, frustrated and just give up with the effort to go from s4 to s5. Something like: Grab your best s4 VIz file. Show how to import into s5 as a Preview. Show how to get sequence into s5 with proper audio file, timings, channel names and other associated data attached. Show proper saving techniques as required. Show how to use the Playback feature and how to use the Action, Range, Slope, Type
  6. Thanks everyone. So this is my plan. As stated, I have all of my S4 stuff on my PC nicely put away and backed up in several areas...thumb, cloud, MacBook Pro & CCC. I then put a copy of all those files on the Windows side of my MacBook Pro, So I downloaded S5 to the Windows side (using Parallels) of my MacBook Pro. I will then use a copy of this years show files to start the learning curve. I think that way I don't have to worry about destroying or losing anything.
  7. Ok .... so I have been running S4 only for 7 years now. I have shut down the show for the year, made sure all of my files are in the proper folders, made several backups both on some thumb drives and the cloud and now want to start the learning curve for S5. Do I really have to delete S4 from the machine before I download and start with S5? What happens if I simply don't like S5 and want to go back to S4? Is there a problem re-loading 4 back on to the machine and just continuing on like nothing ever changed? Don
  8. Thanks JR. The more I read and learn the more questions that develop. Now that the bride got involved, the plans have changed too. Instead of a medium mega tree, she saw these (https://boscoyostudio.com/product/daycor-hires-chromabulb-30-hanging/) and wants 5 of them to hang along the front gutter of the house. I actually think that may be an easier way for me to learn so that is the plan right now. Since I haven't bought any equipment yet to add to my LOR, I thought I might ask just to make sure I start of the the right foot. Each prop takes 143 nodes, so I guess 15 - 50 node pixels
  9. he wants to get a bunch of neighbors all hooked up to one system next year. Told him it seems like a great idea but it would be a huge project. Have to get everyone on board to help out. Equipment, design, layout, not to mention the programming time. He knows nothing of automated lights but is a tech type guy and a handyman so that is a start. I haven't seen much here about people doing entire neighborhoods and I am wondering if anyone has experience doing so? I can only just start to imagine the amount of effort involved!! Anyone have any thoughts that will help us decide whether o
  10. I too have been a dedicated Mac user for many years. When I started with LOR 7 years ago, I thought the same thing. I was running any of my PC software via Parallels and figure LOR would be the same. Well, it turns out, it may work but usually does not. Like you say, another layer of complexity is introduced plus I think there are bugs that show up in LOR when running with Parallels. I wound up using an older PC I had laying around running windows 7 and used that just for my LOR stuff. Had to 're-learn' navigating Windows but that didn't take too long. A few years into it, I decid
  11. Well, the Show is running smoothly and I can see the winding-down process beginning. But that IS just the beginning. I am looking forward to a small addition for next year but need some help. I currently run a v4.4. Pro license with Super Star Demo. I have 4 - CBT16PC controllers for the display, using about 60 circuits total. A relatively compact display on the house and front yard with 3 singing faces and various bush lights. All using incans. I currently use two ELL’s to run the show wirelessly from the house. I have been thinking of converting to LED’s but not done so yet.
  12. Thanks Keith! Can’t you just change intensity level in the LOR commands down to a lower percentage?
  13. Thanks for the input. I will look into that style and order a set or two to see how they work out. Then keep an eye out for after Christmas sales......those things are still pricey for some reason. Thought after this many years of tech improvements the price would come down a bit.
  14. I have singing faces from Holiday Coro, all currently using incans. I would like to convert them to LED (Not RGB) string lights. What size/style bulb would fit in the holes and stay tight, since the factory hole has slightly enlarged when the incans were put it? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the tip! Ran the Verifier for the whole Show and found 7 channel conflicts between some of the Musical sequences and a Background sequence. I had never used Verifier before so I had to figure out what the results were telling me. Once I did that, I deleted 7 conflicting channels from the Background sequence and all is good! I didn't realize the importance of channel useage between the sequences in a common Show. I thought conflicts could only arise in a single sequence. Something to keep in mind for the future.
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