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  1. Hey JR, that looks incredible. If you don't mind me asking - what is your spacing for the nodes you used on the roof line? I am looking at using the rectangular nodes that HC sells for the same effect.
  2. I only have one inflatable. It is a 12' Santa that I have connected to one channel. It draws about 1A. I have him inflated all the time until the show starts, then he is off until the show is completed later in the night.
  3. Perfect. That is what I had thought. So in theory I could put two RGB strips on each output (four strips/CCC) and have 200 pixels.
  4. As near as I can tell, each CCC has two outputs that can support 100 pixels for a total of 200/CCC. Or does each output support up to 200 pixels totaling 400/CCC?
  5. Hi James. Could I also get a copy. I loved the last one you sent me. mommaandpappa@yahoo.com
  6. I would be interested in this as well. I have the same setup - 8 windows lined with strips. Thank you. mommaandpappa@yahoo.com
  7. Hey guys. I would be interested in these also, if you don't mind. mommaandpappa@yahoo.com
  8. I had a problem with the range of my transmitter also. It happens to be the same one you are purchasing from amazon. When I first got the transmitter, I tested it and had very good range - around 500-600 yards on low power. This was on a channel 101.9. After I started this seasons show, I was getting interference on that channel. I retuned to a secondary, 101.3, but the signal was weak and breaking up at the sidewalk. In the street in front of the house the signal was very weak. I retuned again to 90.1 and have a great signal for about 200 yards. More than enough to cover the cul-de-sa
  9. How do you control the power to your transmitter and receiver? I connected them to an unused channel and made them into an animation. I put the animation into the background of my show. Short of running those devices off of a separate timer, this is all I could think of.
  10. I would like to try this. Thank you. mommaandpappa@yahoo.com
  11. I bought this (http://www.thewireszone.com/p-7399-500-ft-stranded-white-184-awg-security-burglar-speaker-alarm-cable.aspx). From reading some of the posts on this sight, the general consensus seems to be to uses 18awg.
  12. I ordered on the last day of the sale. I received the shipping confirmation yesterday (Monday). Definitely better than the 10 weeks it could have been.
  13. Hello to everyone. I have reading this site for the last couple of years, trying to absorb as mush as I can about this, for lack of a better term, obsession. I order my first controller last week (starter package) and I am eagerly awaiting its delivery which is scheduled for today. I downloaded the demo software a couple of years ago and have been playing with that from time-to-time. The hardest part so far has been coming up with a layout that will work with my house. I have probably changed it 8 or 10 time already - the latest was this morning. I will keep you posted on my progress. In
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