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  1. Was wondering if anyone has incorporated these into their light shows? https://www.amazon.com/stores/Faryuan/page/791D156D-2808-43BB-B84C-BC09EF1B4251?ref_=ast_bln
  2. were you able to order a pixcon from LOR? everytime i go to their site it says out of stock for 2020. Well its 2021 lol
  3. yup everyone can ignore my ignorant question. I have spent months looking for this answer to find it 2 minutes after i ask lol. Typical. Thanks tho
  4. May have just found my answer. Found this on the Pixcon 16 link. Advanced configuration options including start universe
  5. I've been holding this question until after most people have ended their show. But we will be adding a second Pixcon 16 to our show and it will be running only a mega tree. I am curious what i will have to do to get the second Pixcon on the network? Can i just plug it in and let the router give it an IP? Do i need to go to static ips on both now that there are two? Can i set the second Pixcon16 to recognize that its first universe is 17? Any help or guidance would be greatly appricated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Such an easy fix. Thank you so much for the help
  7. I know it is late but i would like to copy some of my S4 sequences from my old house to S5 for my new house (new channel config). I can open the old sequences using the default vis but because S4 and S5 view rgb differently when i copy a single arch with 150 rgbs and try and paste into S5 (same exact arch) it doesn't paste into the single prop. Any pointers?
  8. We go dark on the 26th. Family tradition to have all lights down before the end of the year. Some years it means just getting everything into the garage, this year it meant everything was down, packaged for next year and stored.
  9. I use small totes (15 gallon size) to store everything in. I have 40 or 50 totes I believe. I like the smaller totes because it limits how much I can put in them and helps keep the weight down. I organize my totes by controller. So all of my extension cords for controller 1 will be labeled and in 2 totes, controller 2 will be in two separate totes. Same with the lights. Lights used for controller 1 are in their own separate totes, however many it takes to hold them etc. Some totes are full, some only half just depends on what the tote is labeled for. I have found this makes setup very easy. Whatever element/controller I am working on i'll pull out the tote for and have everything I need right there.
  10. I ordered 12 strands of these for this years show. Looking forward to playing with them.
  11. I use almost the exact same hardware. I will be happy to share all of my songs with you from this years show (will have the pixcon16 in them) and songs from previous years which do not have the pixcon. Give me a couple of hours and i'll email them to you. Dan
  12. Would you mind sharing? Dan24438@gmail.com
  13. This is where I have purchased almost all of my lights. http://www.creativedisplays.com for wrapping my trees and for my spiral trees I use the M5 lights and absolutely love them.
  14. Was curious if anyone has already sequenced this song and is willing to share? Dan24438@gmail.com. Would be willing to share anything I have as well. Dan
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