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  1. I have 128 channels and fully paid license, I have Halloween show and Xmas show. When I take a .lms file from my build computer to my show computer or vice-versa, I cannot copy and paste to fix something. It gives an error . I have some sequences that ar not encrypted and some are for some reason. All made on the same two computers I'used for years. Some .lms files I can read in NotePadd++, others not. Why is this. Is there a way to save all my own home built sequences not encrpted or de-encrypt the ones that are encrypted. All are my own creations, I have bought nor downloaded any of them. My
  2. I have rec'd one of these boards to use for Halloween decorations, will control 12 volt-1 watt LEDs and dumb strips inside a dancing skeleton. I do not need very much wattage for this. I need to know but cannot find here or in the manual whether both banks have to be powered. If you power just bank 1-8 does power internally go to banks 9-16? Do you have to send power to both inputs even from a single power supply? Thanks for any help somebody can give me on this.
  3. Thanks George for the heads up. I'll try to fix it this evening when I get home. Did it late last night and must have missed that one. The others I checked pretty close and they seemed okay. Dennis.
  4. Here are three sequences from this years show. I'm up to 96 channels now with over 20,000 lights, mostly LEDs now, thank goodness. Bette Midler singing "Mele Kalikimaka": http://youtu.be/Eyv5ofJNdbY Elvis Presley singing "Here Comes Santa Claus": http://youtu.be/WbwZfJTAo5s TSO "Wizards of Winter: http://youtu.be/vp5I5Dj4byA I'm in Malden, West Virginia if anybody is nearby.
  5. I put gangs of 8 duplex outlets on the outside of my basement wall. I mount my controllers in the basement then run 12 or 14 gauge stranded wire through conduit out to a box with the duplex outlets in it. 8 duplex gives me 16 very heavy duty connection points for extension cords on out to light/led sets all over the yard. I have 16 on both ends of my porch for left and right channels to left and right sides of yard. This has worked well for me and keeps my controllers safe and dry!
  6. Very nice display and great music! Very precise sequences!
  7. Finally got hold of a decent camera to shoot video with. I've got 64 channels and around 11,000 lights/LEDs. This is 'Rockin Around the Christmas Tree' by Toby Keith. http://youtu.be/ubhR0ACSE-8 Thanks for checkin' it out!
  8. Very nice. Wish I had more time!! Kneell999, yours looks great too. Love your skelton. More what I was trying for, planning bigger and better for next year.
  9. Very nice set-up! I had to go small for Halloween this year as my time is getting eat up with my 16' mega-tree and other stuff for my Xmas light show. Hopefully bigger for next year!
  10. Link is not quite right! Try agin so we can view it!!
  11. My "Dancing Skeleton" for this year. Made with 3' by 5' Lexan with bones left clear and rest painted black. C5 and C7 bulbs behind bones. 11 Channels of LOR. RGB LEDs for eyes and red bulb for heart. Will try to get a real video if I can borrow a real camera. Phone video sux, especially in darkness, too dark to focus properly I guess. Fun little project after grandkids threw the gauntlet down with "You can't make no dancing skeleton PawPaw!" Done! Bigger and better planned for next year already. Neighbors really enjoying it too!
  12. They got seperated and are in the next post. Sorry about that. Don't know what I did.
  13. Had a brainstorm and tried this out. Works great. Just an old bike rim (I used 26 inch for this one, next will be 20 inch, lots of sizes to choose from) a couple dollars worth of PVC pipe and 12 self tapping screws. The stack and store wonderfully! I had a little plastic paper roller I used for the top but any type or lid or doo-hickey (technical term for the day) could be used. I actually cut a round chunk of 2x4 fist then thought of this. I squirted a little silicon seal around the inside of the top just to make it a little stonger. This has a lot of potential, very light weight and stable.
  14. Got the same post in there twice, don't know how that happened. Don't see a delete post button.
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