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  1. I too use a Win10 laptop as the show computer, and it is connected to the Internet. Haven't had a problem with updates, although I check it every few days and do the reboot if it's required to install them. I do my sequencing on my main PC and the changes get synced to the cloud and then to the show computer, so internet connectivity is a must. I also access the PC remotely (in case of problems while I am not home).
  2. I drilled holes through the corners of the rebar covers and drove large nails through them into the lawn when I had them on the lawn (using metal strip instead of wood as a base). Worked well. Now on the porch rail they are grip-clamped.
  3. OK, I did this slightly differently. I got boards that are 72" long, 5" wide, and 1" thick, then screwed the rebar caps 1" in from each end. Painted the whole thing black. I used 2" pex (10' length) and used a router to cut two slots about 3" from each end on the bottom. I cut a pixel strip to length (a little long, actually), and fed the tail end in one slit, and fed it through until I got the last bit of the strip (before the wires) into the pex. Then I fed the other end through the other end and cut off the excess. Hot glued the ends in place, slid the pex over the rebar caps, and secured them with 2" hose clamps. If anyone wants to see pictures, I can post some tomorrow.
  4. Ditto - Love the display and love your sequencing. I've already added 2 more arches this year and relocated them to the spaces between the columns on the porch railing. I'm still looking at options for the roofline (likely a pixel line) and replacing dumb RGBs with pixels around the windows. It'll be my first foray into power injection... Wish me luck. :D
  5. Gotcha. Maybe I will set those up then. Got construction details for the row of pixel circles? I like those!
  6. Disregard - I figured it out. I created the chase using white on an off background and then used the "Toggle" command. Panic is the enemy of productivity!
  7. So I did a stupid thing and added some elements to the show (kinda testing out "next year's" additions a bit early... Sue me.. LOL). One effect I have is across two pixel arches where they are ON (white) and I chase small blocks of OFF across them. I now have four arches and need to run the effect across them all, but can't seem to remember/figure out how I did the "OFF" chase. Every time I do it, it simply adds the OFFs in a straight line down. Under deadline here (obviously) and need a hand jogging these brain cells. Anyone know how to do this?
  8. Anyone have a video of this that I can look at? I'm not sure how I would use them effectively in a show. Blinding would seem to be counterintuitive on its face, so obviously I am missing something.
  9. I'm actually thinking about putting an RV-style ladder on top of the first roof that leads to the second roof. That might make putting anything on that roof easier and avoids having to rent lift equipment to get the job done.
  10. Hi David, and thanks for the ideas! I actually have some 10w floods that I had aimed at the house. The problem is that the house is a dark brown - hard to see in this pic - and the floods really don't show up much/at all and have a weird color cast due to the house color, so I pulled them. They are sitting in a bin while I figure out what I want to do with them. I had them at the edge of the lawn in front of the arches and candy canes aimed at the driveway, but it wasn't very impressive..
  11. Hrmh... I have dielectric grease in the unused (female) end, but not in the extension cable - light strand connection. I guess that's a project for next year.
  12. Even with all of these precautions, I still have enough ground leakage to trip a GFCI, so I have to split the show onto two circuits. I have no wireframe props, everything in the ground is plastic, so I have no idea where the ground leakage is coming from - I just know it exists, and that's in bone dry conditions. In rain, before I took the steps above, it would shut down even split onto two circuits. I'm planning on gradually converting more and more to pixels, so hopefully the problem will start going away over time.
  13. It started around 7pm here north of Tampa. It gave me the opportunity to finally get my rain detection and show shutdown system working. Once we get over 1/10th inch of rain total, it automatically shuts down the show, replacing it with a "Sorry, due to the weather..." sequence while the power to the controllers is cut via my home automation system. If we get too much rain before the show starts, it will simply start up in that mode and never power up the controllers. The only problem is that it plays the shutdown sequence before doing the weather sequence, which is worded to be played at the end of the night. I don't see a way to get around that.
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