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  1. So my second year with LOR meant I purchased two new controllers and built two new characters to my Singing Snowman display. I really enjoy the characters. It is different than anything else in our area. I will probably move into more lighting design with the house (possibly with RGB floods and more strobes) but I want to keep the characters as the focus. I also may create a singing face for the front of my green silverado pick-up to drive in a few parades. Hey, it keeps me out of trouble! --Mike Here are a few examples:
  2. What exactly are you looking to have done? How long of a video, etc.
  3. I'm planning on creating a "side-kick" so that he can sing duets. Maybe a singing tree. Then, of course, he'll need the back-up singers... and then a band... and then...
  4. Depending on the camera, you may be able to try a "fireworks" setting if you have one. It would be interesting to see if that would work.
  5. I love the candy canes. Did you come up with the idea or see it somewhere?
  6. I used LEDs through 4x8 coro. I designed the snowman and wanted to use the coro method so I could make the finished character look "clean" compared to what I would be able to do with rope lights.
  7. My display has been running since the start of December and word-of-mouth is spreading. Unfortunately, I am operating my singing snowman at the top/bottom of each hour with a 10 minute show. I have a sign posted, and I get a lot of people stopping by on off-times. When he is running... not so much. I may just have him run constant all hour if I notice more people coming by on the off-times. Good luck to you!
  8. Wow! Nice job from one first-timer to another. I'm impressed. I studies and just did one project (a singing character). So, you are into this much deeper than I. I would love to do CCR strips to the house eves. I need to check into how they work.
  9. I love Music Box Dancer! Nice job.
  10. I love the face on the side of your house!
  11. I have enjoyed my first year with LOR. Two new videos to share of my first-year Singing Snowman... The Singing Snowman YouTube Channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo48Ao4SogyUOk1iKfDlvSQ (only have three videos thus far) BTW: I picked up the Bells at a thrift shop for $20 a piece. They were in mint condition! --Mike
  12. I designed and built him. I actually quickly drew him up on a legal pad one year ago on Thanksgiving day. I spent the next several months investigating what it would take to build him, etc. I started into the project in June 2012 and finished everything just as September 2013 ended. We decorate our house but don't make the house "dance" out of respect for our neighbors. We have the snowman on one side of the house and really haven't had much notice of him yet. But we enjoy watching folks drive by and slow to catch part of the show. http://FanAmaze.com
  13. Here is my first LOR project... a Singing Snowman. I'm using 16 channels (four are operating some background lighting). He is currently singing four songs at the top and bottom of the hour from 6-11pm. This is one of them: http://fanamaze.com/SingingSnowman/Media/grandma.html
  14. Ahhh! Thanks! I changed the total time of my sequence and the music continued. I have not had that happen before when I started a new music sequence. I was looking at the music as having the problem. Of course, this is only my fourth sequence that I have ever created... Thanks, again!
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