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  1. Could I have a copy of "Hey come look at my house" Please kevin@kevinjacques,com
  2. Yes could I Please have a copy kevin@kevinjacques.com Thanks
  3. Looking for sequences for my lms singing tree. The Halelujah by Pentatonix version Appreciate it, kevin@kevinjacques.com
  4. I have 1 -8 channel sing face tree. This would be a great song for him. Thanks kevin@kevinjacques.com
  5. Looks like that would be easier to program I'll try it out ,Thanks
  6. This year I would like my Singing Tree to recite the "twas the Night before Christmas". If anyone has a copy I would appreciate it. Thanks
  7. How do you do a simple chase ,to go from the beginning of Arch 1 to the end of Arch 4? I've tried the Morphs with the 1a,1b,2a and 2b but that is confusing on this arch set up Please advise
  8. This would be awesome if I could have a copy Please kevin@kevinjacques.com
  9. Yes Please , could I have a copy kevin@kevinjacques.com
  10. Thanks ,I will practice with this. Do you have tutorial video on programming a sequence with SuperStar.? I really appreciate it. KJ
  11. Please advise me on the steps I should take. My understanding arch 1 should be universe 20 . 1-25 pixels, Arch2 universe 20 .26-50 pixels.Arch 3 ,universe 21 ,1-25 pixel Arch4 universe 21 , 26-50 How do i set that up ? Thanks Brian
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