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  1. If you want to use some PIR to trigger your props, look into the PicoBoo and the BooBox. I have some props that work off of servos, and other that are pneumatic like my Trash Can Trauma. For something like that though there are cheaper control boards to use for PIR triggering. If you plan to do mix like I have with one of my coffins where a guy pops up and turns his head. Then mostly like you will want the PicoBoo or BooBox. They also allow you to connect audio to them.
  2. SWEEEET!!! That is exactly what I am needing. Mine I use for Halloween props and that are programed by VSA and recorded into the audio board and trigger via a PIR sensor. They are just for props in my yard haunt. I would like to add something though I could program into my Halloween show though via S2, so this should work great. Do you program it in S2 as each servo is 1 channel? So has you change the value for the channel you get the movement?
  3. FYI, don't buy any of that companies LEDs. They don't work with computer controlled displays including LOR. I tested a lot of there LEDs over the summer as they are one of my web clients and were located in the same city with me before moving one city over. All there lights failed on LOR as well as many of there incadescents. They are not properly sealed and you will get GFI trips left and right. So that video they posted is kind of false advertisement and I already told them that. According to there marketing dept they are not advertising them to work with computer controlled displays, but yet they posted a video that says otherwise.
  4. Does this allow you to control your servos through S2?
  5. Yea some would consider it pricey. IMO I think it is a very good price compared to others on the market and the performance of it is incredible. The throw distance is 5-20' and can be used for rear projection which how I am using mine. DLP technology which doesn't make that much difference outdoors, but it helps. 180w bulb 2200 lumens, projection size is 3-13' which is perfect for any application. I am happy with it for the money. Not cheap, but not overly expensive, just a good nice affordable projector compared to others.
  6. I use the brookshire VSA for Halloween and it is similar to S2 in the sense of how you program things with timings and cells, etc. I would love if LOR released a servo board that could be used with S2. It would make syncing lights and animatronics a whole lot easier since everything could be done with one program and the timings would be more precise.
  7. Very nice solution. How well does it work without the diffuser?
  8. jstein wrote: If you don't mind me asking, what brand do you have? I bought mine off of ebay and it is anywhere from 3 to 5 years old. Odd thing is the bulb had barely been used. Although I know it could have been reset and used for a while to give that appearance. I am using this one.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116389&nm_mc=OTC-Froogle&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Projectors-_-ViewSonic-_-24116389 It is pricey, but it is cheaper them most on the market and the performance far outs weights the price compared to other units. You can buy it at I think office depot for the same price you can buy it online after shipping. This doesn't have RS233 connections but you don't need them. It has an S-Video connection and what I have done is bought a S-Video/CAT5 dongle. http://www.svideo.com/svideobalun1.html You will need two of them, one for the projector and one for the computer IF your video card accepts S-Video like mine does. If not you will need to looking into other options. I went that route because it is easier and cheaper to run CAT5 for my main run then it would be for me to run a S-Video cable from my computer to my projector. I have two CAT5 cables one for my LOR and one for my projector running from my computer through the attic to a gang box outside. Then when it is time to set up, I just run one CAT5 to my controllers, and the other to my projector with the dongle from that outdoor gang box and I have a permanent outdoor connection. Simple, easy, and looks nice and don't have to worry about running cables each year.
  9. Mine has a standby mode as well if not used within a set time as a power saver feature. Like others have stated even with power applied some might not come on so you have to physically turn it on. With mine though I can leave on and in standby and once a signal is sent it will turn on.
  10. Amazing Christmas uses 5 channel arches and they look pretty darn good.... He has about 3 pages of videos with different songs so check out the other videos he has of them.
  11. Nobody has them yet because they are new for 2009. I think Paul says he doesn't even have them yet. So yes they are a new product for 2009.
  12. Paul has addressed this on PC that the 2009 order is going to be using the manufacture from 2007 if I understand it correctly. It was said that Minleon lamps with 3 LED's Dan has worked with and tested with LOR. Can anyone confirm that these LEDs will definitely work with ALL effects of LOR without problems or defects? I would hate to drop $500 on C9 LEDs just to have defects and them not work with LOR.
  13. rwertz wrote: Nice tip, I didn't even know about the left click thing. I am not sure if I have custom colors set. I don't really mess with that at all. I am using the XP silver theme and that is the only thing I have set. Other then that I haven't messed with anything else, so I wouldn't know what to look for.
  14. It kinda already puts it in the task bar when you close it out. You just have to right click on the bulb and select status. So if you minimize it to the task bar like you are requesting, it pretty much does what you are wanting it to now. What I am curious about is, does everyone's window look like this? Isn't the entire window suppose to be white? Attached files
  15. Well problem is, you are using the Demo software. Most of us are using S2, so if we send you an exsiting LMS file you will not be able to open it. I am not sure if the channel config files you can open or not ether. Its a very generous offer though. Wait till you upgrade to S2, you will really be addicted.
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