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  1. Could I please have a copy too. Thanks ajr_63@yahoo.com
  2. Could I please get a copy ajr_63@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. WilliamS, I connected my computer and E62 controller to an old switch I friend just gave. The pixels are lighting up. I had been working on this for so long and it turn out to be the new switch. Go figure I have to return the new switch back to MicroCenter Thanks for all your help.
  4. WilliamS I am attaching the information you request. Thanks, Aldo E682 and LOR Config.pdf
  5. Let me try this again. Thank you all for helping me troubleshoot my E682 issue Below are the steps I have taken to configure LOR E1.31 to communicate with E682 controller. - Disabled Windows 7 firewall - Set IP Address on PC to - Connect path - PC (Windows 7) > switch > E682 controller - Open IE 10, browser to (E682 web console) - On E682 test pixels by changing Test Pattern to 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6 (All good) - Change Test Pattern back to “0” - Open LOR Network Configuration - Selected “Advanced” - Click on Univ 1 > Select Use E1.31 &g
  6. Thanks you all for your help. I have tried every thing to get LOR to communicate with E682. Below is what I done to configure LOR to work with my E682 controller. Configuring LOR E1.31 to SanDevices E682 controller. Set IP Address on PC to Cat5 patch cable Pc (Windows 7) > switch > E682 controllerOpen IE 10, browser to (E682 web console)On E682 test pixels by changing Test Pattern to 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6Change Test Pattern back to “0”Open LOR Network ConfigurationSelected “Advanced” Click on Univ 1 > Select “Use E1.31 > Multica
  7. I hope someone can help me out. I have two E682 controllers with 32 strings of 50 WS2811 pixels each. I have connected the controllers on a laptop and a desktop and cannot get the pixels to lite up with LOR sequence. - Pixels lite up with Test Pattern - Pixels lite up with SACNView - Added Universe in Network Preference Mulitcast - Connected USB RS485 dongle - Checked Control Lights (but it will not stay checked) - E682 web showing package but nothing lights up. - E682 Test Pattern set to 0 - Changed patch cable - Bought a new switch What I am doing wrong here?
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