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  1. Never thought of using rock and roll songs but I like the idea! Can you please send me some as well. jbizub5192@optonline.net Thanks!!
  2. sorry I made a mistake on my email, a space got added in their by mistake. This is the correct address, jbizub5192@optonline.net Thanks!
  3. I would love both. jbizub5192@opt online.net thanks!!!
  4. Does anyone know if these sequences were done before? Ive been looking all over but cant find any downloads. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone have this sequence their willing to share, Would love to add some new songs but am running out of time. Also does anyone have the her fireworks sequence thats around 48ish channels. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I was hopping someone would have these 2 sequences. I would really like to add this to my display. I have 32 channels so it would be best if you had something in that area but I will tak anything. Thanks so much! jbizub5192@optonline.net
  7. sorry i forgot to include my email, jbizub5192@optonline.net thanks
  8. Can you please send me the 64 copy. jbizub5192@optonline.net Thanks!!
  9. Hi everyone, I would like to use the sound clip that they play in the very beginning of a disney movie as my intro, does any have a sequence for this? Thanks
  10. If anyone has the teenage dream sequence if you could send it over to me as well please. Also "Herbaclaus" whenever you/ your daughter finishes the sequence would you mind sharing it? Thanks!
  11. I would be interested in it also if someone has it. Thanks
  12. Could you also send me some please. Life got in the way and now theres minimal time for sequencing . Thanks!
  13. Can I get a copy also please. jbizub5192@optonline.net. Thanks!!
  14. I misinterpreted chase, what does the chase do exactly? I read the description but still isnt so clear. Is it that you use the same exact effect and just basically copy it to different channels? Thanks
  15. I saw them this year for the first time and was really impressed! They were great.
  16. Could you please send me it, jbizub5192@gmai.com Thanks!!
  17. Would you be able to send it to me also? Thank you!
  18. I thought you could only chase with ccr type lights? Im trying to get into rgb products so im still learning. Thanks!
  19. could you send me it also, jbizub5192@optonline.net. Thanks!!
  20. Thank you for the help! Also what is the difference between the 5 bit vs 8 bit? Also would you please send me a link to what device I would need to control these? I have 2 lor controllers and I know for standard rgb strips you get there rgb controller but being though these are not standard rgb and are like ccr what one would I use? Thanks! P.S. who is ray that you mentioned?
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