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  1. To make setup easier next year, LABEL EVERYTHING. Controllers numbered, extension cords, what's in each container on the container, etc... It makes it ALOT easier to know where everything is when your looking for something.
  2. I unhook my base ring and untwist the RV twist anchors. I unplug the controllers. I lower my telescoping flag pole, unhook the 16 carabiners from the top plate, pull it out of the pole, lay the spiraled lights on the ground like a donut, run a rope thru it like I'm hanging the donut and tie it. Then it all fits in a large storage container. The pole removes and goes into the garage until time to fly the flag. It takes maybe 10 minutes to take down, about 20 to 30 to put up.
  3. Thanks for this information. It hit me on my windows 7 machine running AVG today. I'm running 3.1.4 and I just worked on a sequence last night and it worked fine. My show computer is a Windows XP machine with LOR 2.8.8 and running Microsoft Essentials and it's working fine.
  4. Did you create a show? Did you create a schedule? What does the status show?
  5. For all your special PVC needs. http://flexpvc.com/cart/agora.cgi?product=PVC-Snap-Clamps
  6. Paul Roberson wrote: I don't know if you can or not. I just use Events and it works everytime regardless. Even with power outages it starts back up just like LOR so it's automated.
  7. I had that problem before. I replaced all my indoor lights with CFL's. We don't run the dishwasher or clothes washer or dryer during the show and our lights don't blink any more.Sometimes you'll see a faint flicker with the bathroom lights but that's it.
  8. Why use the tones? I use start and stop time events. Granted it's not exact but with a little testing you can get really close. For some reason the tones stopped working on my computer so I started using events and have for years.
  9. Firewall software running? Antivirus scanning? Any other program trying to access the comm port?
  10. Done and how about mine. www.facebook.com/whetstonelights
  11. I use 2 computers and I program on one and use the other for the show. I do 2 things. I use Dropbox which makes it so easy to move files from computer to computer, and I use a jump drive that I copy my sequences to. So I always have 4 copies of my sequences. I had a computer crash last Christmas season and only had the one computer. I ran out and bought one and set it up. With in a few hours, I was up and running with all my sequences and no one knew what happened. I was only using a jump drive for backup then. Always remember, BACKUP ALL THE TIME!!
  12. I used these people for my 20ft Telescoping flagpole. It worked great last year. http://www.veteransflagdepot.com/
  13. Yes I have, top notch and easy to work with.
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