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  1. one thing i learned last night. if i have a sequence already built out and decide to add a new prop/fixture/channels to the preview, it does not add the new prop/fixture/channels to the sequence. i had to create a new sequence and the new pieces were there. then had to open the old and new at same time and copy/paste the old sequence into the new sequence.
  2. thanks, Don. long time no talk. hope you are doing well.
  3. yessir. A little loss on my side but thats okay. Just opened the box for the first time.
  4. Came as part of the RBG tree kit I bought but it looks like I will be using a different type of controller (E1.31). New from LOR with pigtails these are $255 plus shipping. Asking $200 local to Houston area (you drive to Katy area) or $220 shipped.
  5. I bought these several years ago from Crockett Fantasy of Lights but never used them. I have a total of 6. Make an offer.
  6. Ok. So, just run the pixie from my red adapter separated from the rest of my LOR (gen2 and 3) running on the black adapter?
  7. Thanks. So just run them on the same network as my CTB16pc controllers?
  8. Probably mentioned this somewhere but I have been searching and havent seen it yet. Plan on running my Pixie8 with E1.31. Do I need the LOR RS485 connector for this or should I just be able to run it across Ethernet? Anything I need to change in the hardware to let it know to expect E1.31 rather than LOR before plugging it in and releasing its smoke?
  9. thanks both. jumper cable i have is 18g and running 12v power supplies and lights.
  10. I have a Marty fan that I plan on moving over to RGB for 2021 (unless I somehow figure out time for this year). The current goal is to use a single string of Smart 100 RGB to go from bottom/center to the outside/top, back to bottom/center, and then back to the outside. I will have 16 of of these. Where I believe my issue is there is 6-7 inches between where these would connect at the outside/top in fold 2 that I would not want lights. My question is, can I cut the string after the last pixel, run a "jumper" between there and where I want the next pixel to be (6-7 inches or so away), and then
  11. i agree with this right here
  12. doesnt look like there is a way to upgrade to PRO without going to S5. is that the case or am i missing it somewhere? I am in the 4's licensing wise already. will check out your thread, thank you! didnt realize. thank for mentioning it. will get that ordered at same time as i update or change license.
  13. many thanks to both of you
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