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  1. chriskinsland@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. I searched first, I'm looking for the dubstep version of sail which was popular for Halloween last year. (edit, sorry thought there was two versions) I'm using an extensive amount of RGB dumbstrips if anyone has something that might work well for that. Thank you. Chriskinsland@gmail.com
  3. I'm using something similar. Maybe it's my connections. I've been using car stereo standard butt connectors for the four wires and taping them with electrical tape. I'm thinking that's where the water is getting in and working its way down the wire. Any thoughts as to a better way to do my connections?
  4. I'm looking for 4 core rgb rolls of wire. I've been using in wall 4 core speaker wire that I found 500ft for $50. This is my 3rd season and I'm finding its corroded. Obviously not meant for outdoors. You learn as you go. Any suggestions for a waterproof 4 core roll of wire for a ton of dumb strips? Chris
  5. Quick cell phone video of my lights! If you use enough dumb strips they start to resemble smart strips.
  6. I did 8 rgb channels last year and have added a second cmb24d. I was assuming I just do cat 5 out and into the second one. I assigned controler 2 with channels 1-24 Im thrown off as I am running a sequence from last year with only 8 rgb channels and all my new lights are doing stuff that are hooked up to the new board that should be unit 2 and I have not sequenced yet. chris
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I currently have two cmb24d all for rgb dumb strips. I'd like to add the singing faces. I was thinking I should do 12v so with one card I could do 24 channels which would be up to 3 faces. If I did a 16 channel ac controller that would only be 2 faces a double the price.
  8. My research shows most of you buy from Christmas-leds.com 120v led rope. I have no ac controllers so it would make sense to me to buy a cmb24d and have 24 channels for half the cost and also get 8 more channels. The rope is expensive so before I buy wanted hear if there was a reason not to go this route. I do need dimmable and have heard the term full wave for rope light and not really sure what that means. Chris
  9. Sure looks like the right stuff. I wonder how far apart the cut lines are? I see I can find some that appear the same in 12v vs 120v. Any reason not to use dc controllers?
  10. Great looking display. Not quite the big bold faces I'm after. Like the ones in CLD videos or heres another. looks like the faces you can buy at wow lights for like $600 then add a controller? I feel like I can build my own for much less and I do like the cool white look anyways. I've seen a couple threads on building your own but they were a few years old. If anyone knows the correct led rope light and has a link to them that would be great. Sounds like 120v is the way to go? I can cut to what ever length I need? Thanks again.
  11. Can someone suggest where and what style rope light I should buy to build one of the faces? Any tips would be appreciated. Since I'm finding led rope lights, can I use a cmb24d controller like I do for my led strips? I really like the looks of the faces in the CLD Halloween videos. I'd message him direct but I'm thinking he has his hands full right now. Thanks for any insight. I've seen some really nice quality faces and if I invest the money I would like them to turn out like them.
  12. His faces look different are they led now?
  13. I snitched the audio from another you tube video and inserted my own clips with newer music. David, can you please tell me where you got the talking trees from? And what controller do I need to make them work?
  14. Thanks guys! Looking forward as to what to add next year. I used Ray Wu's strips. Only about 150 hours on them.I don't see any failures yet. New CMB24D I think the controller was, LOR. Chris
  15. Crap cell phone video but I had fun for my first year. On the Xmas one after the intro skip to about 3:35 mins in where it starts to be a little more action. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A6ZDnXOiWqY&feature=c4-feed-u http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=c4-feed-u&v=-73ScsZGimo I'd like to add the talking trees next year if anyone would care to share how they are making them. Chris
  16. I am new to this, I was given this common skrillix mash up sequence and have made it work on my lights. I'm now trying another song and looking for a wizard that puts a timing pretty much anywhere anything changes. I have a halloween track with a heart beat in the background for example and none of them are catching it. When I play the skrillix track in the pic the timings are spot on for everything. However if I do a new sequence using that same skrillix mp3 track I can't even replicate all those timings that someone else got. Any advice? Thanks for taking the time to help a rookie. Chris
  17. First year attempt I went with dumb strips. If I go ccr's next year, are you guys cutting them to wrap around the 90 degree corners of say my garage? If the 150 led strip is too short can I cut a strip and add more length?
  18. Is harbor freight the best bet? Just need a bunch to zip led strips to pvc. Thanks!
  19. Ok thanks, has anyone done high dollar orders off the site with him? I hear mostly great things.
  20. I was just trying to checkout. Didn't even get to payment options yet. Looks like WA state is the problem.
  21. We are sorry, but due to legal restrictions, AliExpress is unable to provide escrow services to residents located in Washington State. Anyone else get a message like this? It will not let me order. I sent Ray a message. Chris
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