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  1. Sadly, I have not been able to figure it out. I'm faced with several outcomes: One is to re-sequence all the sequences I originally did with S-4; second is to stick with S-4 this year; third is just give up on doing a show this year. Hopefully my post from May 4 will give you the things I have tried. One thing I have considered is that some of my files are in a location different from where I think they are. The LOR program seems to only like its 'default' file locations and I usually like things in locations that I choose. I may be hopelessly unable to track these things down. Best of luck and I hope my descriptions will help. Ken, WestSeattleYuletide
  2. Hi Matt and thanks for the reply. I am using 5.6.0. And I know the assignments are correct as a sequence that was not programmed using the Pixel Editor worked just fine. I don't think I had the .LPE file in my folder initially but instead the .PE.LID file. I think this contains the Intensity Data for the sequence. I did try again, this time with both the .PE.LID and .LPE files in the folder which were named the same as the .LMS file. Step One showed my 3-D three element star (conventional lights) not matched as their original network was Aux C and are now in Aux B. Not Matched also showed under Legacy Name, 'PE Pixel Tree', under Type, 'Pixel_Editor' and under Start Channel, 'Aux B 31.1'. My pixel tree was built following Brian Bruderer's 24 X 25 pixel tree. I used controller ID's 31 through 3C for the CCPixel sets. Step 2 showed basically the same and under the 'Import From' area the Visualizer and Pixel Editor boxes were highlighted. The warnings at Step 3 did not show the 3-D star or the Pixel Tree as in Steps 1 & 2. When the sequence was played nothing appeared on either my 3-D star or Pixel tree. I did go to another computer which still has S4 loaded and made an attempt to recreate my Pixel Editor files but I fear that I have lost the ability to figure out how it worked. Its been several years since I programmed the Pixel tree.
  3. Just started converting files from my S4 files to S5. Getting most things working but I have a pixel tree (25 pixels by 24 lines as described by Brian Bruderer). My S4 files that I created using the Pixel editor don't show when I run them in S5. Files that have been created in SuperStar show just fine. What am I missing. Thanks in Advance
  4. Thanks to all who have posted on this topic. I ran the Intel Driver & Support Assistant and was told that my computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. New Graphics card coming Sunday.
  5. Solution Found! I was able to borrow another controller and things are now working just fine. I'll contact the manufacturer of the controller to see if they have any ideas why the lights work using the utility program in the firmware while LOR does not see it. Also per request, I've attached a screen shot of my LOR configuration file. Thanks to all who lent assistance. This is an amazing community. Ken WestSeattleYuleTide
  6. I have added two 100 by 12 node matrices to my display this year. I'm running LOR 4.4.4 Pro on a Windows 10 laptop. I'm using San Devices E6804 controllers. I have set up each row of my matrices to be connected to one universe. Specifically my North matrix is assigned Universes 13 through 24 for rows 1 through 12. However LOR doesn't seem to 'see' Universe 24. The SanDevices utility can turn Universe 24 on and off but the LOR Hardware Utility doesn't. It does turn all the other Universes on just fine and the sequences run fine on Universes 13 through 23, but no action on Universe 24. Everything works fine on my visualizer and my second Matrix also works fine on all 12 Universes (rows). I have checked and double checked my network configuration and Universe 24 looks just like all the others. Specifically In the Network Utility it shows for UNV24: Atapter/IP Address -; and for Protocol - E1.31 (Multi) 5568. This line is identical with all the others except for the last number in the IP Address which matches the universe. I have tried using Unicast but nothing works for any of the universes. Thoughts?
  7. I am converting my old 5 level concentric single color star to a 270 node 6 level star using a Holiday Coro 36 inch star which matches the star I'm replacing. I'm looking for a prop I can use in my visualizer so that I can program my new star using SuperStar. I'm using LOR version 4 and don't plan to use the Pixel Editor. Anyone have one willing to share. It seems like a common item and I tried to find one in the forum with no luck. Thanks in Advance Ken WestSeattleYuleTide
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