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  1. Thanks Bob, Windows needs to call it "Old man eyes"
  2. Is there a way to increase the text size in channel list in SE? I thought when you used to increase the size of the cells, the fonts also got bigger, but doesn't seem to be in 4.3.14 There seems to be something wrong with my monitor as they get older...
  3. keep it simple, micro switch on the door to a trigger on LOR or a stand-a-lone
  4. Didn't see this thread either to just now. Very sorry. My neighbor lost his wife to cancer 3 years ago, and still keeps his two entrance hollies lit every night for her.
  5. Just a side note, not just a Christmas gathering, feel free to bring along props and ask questions about other holidays like Halloween that this type of hardware/software crosses over too.
  6. Stick with unicast, even with two nic card on my system too, windows has a tough time pushing the info only down the one line for some reason. Worked on it for weeks with a few very good networking geeks,and could never get win 8 or 8.1 to push only down line.
  7. Build a 17.5' mega tree so you end up with a 15'
  8. Correct, the error left after I installed the driver to run the USB adapter
  9. PROBLEM SOLVED I remembered sometime before, YOU HAVE to have another LOR COM port opened and config in order to have DMX work. I was trying to only run a DMX mode with no LOR network. LOR doesn't like that. Thanks for reading
  10. here is the bride statues
  11. Using the newest beta version 3.11.2 and win 8.1, can't get LOR com to talk to 1.31 bridge. What is strange, I do not get any DOS windows opening when I start up control panel like win 7. Is this normal? The PC see's the bridge normally under it's web interface, so I know it's working. any suggestions? I post the bridge status next, won't allow me in this post
  12. Anther thing I keep in my "notebook" is I print out all Specs and data files on DYI controlers, RGB and Pixel instructions/specs etc. Found it a lot easier to open a tab in binder and quick look up that question, then to hop in the net and google.
  13. Just wanted to bump this again..best suggestion of the year in my opinion. I've gotten to a rather large channel count over the years, and my config has been a pain every year, because I was adding new channels in different tracks. Became impossible to update older songs with new channels. Listen to George, and you won't have issues in LOR, until they make some major changes in the way the program handles channels. I just spent 5 solid days (I'm off work for a bit) making an entire new sequence with a master track and creating a new viz too. I could of never imagine finding enough time to do
  14. Keep in mind, you can re-use the plugs and move them if need be.
  15. just my two cents, few dozen LOR boards in my display count, only have two bad channels over the years, and yes I push some of my channels to the max of the ratings.
  16. Down to a week :) Be sure to check out the FB page here for all the latest news and who's coming.
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