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  1. Could I please get a copy of some ac/dc? Thank you! mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  2. Could I get a copy please? mighty_mace@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch!
  3. May I get a copy please? Thanks mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  4. Could I get a copy please? mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  5. Sarge, if you don't mind I'd like a copy to add to this years list. My 7 yr old is OBSESSED with star wars right now. Thanks a bunch! mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  6. Could I get a copy please to try? mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  7. I'll check out a copy, little girl loves that song....thanks! mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  8. I would like a copy please if you're still sharing. Thanks!! mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  9. I would please like a copy of "to build a snowman" and "all about the bass" please as well!! Kiddos are gonna love it! mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  10. May have a copy please? Taking daughter (and son) to see Frozen on Ice in October! They will be so pumped if this is featured in our show this Christmas. mighty_mace@yahoo.com mighty_mace@yahoo.com
  11. Well, got my lights up and running for the first year. Did 5 songs and definitely want more channels / lights now. I hope they go one sale in the off season. Here's a video of a sequence I put together featuring Run DMC, Christmas time in Hollis. https://vimeo.com/55487919
  12. Here is a picture of me, my wife, and son a few years back at the zoo.
  13. Their will definitely be something going up this year. I don't have near enough lights to warrant the second controller....this year. I plan to stock up, build an inventory for next year. I'll be going all LED, for sure. I can absolutely see how 16 channels would be limiting. I set it up in the house last night to 'tinker' with and the ideas started flowing after I saw how the software and controller worked together. I took everything back apart last night since their were extension cords going all through the kitchen so my 4 yr old didn't see it live but I took some video for him. He loved it.....which pretty much made the decision for me on putting something outside this year. Just testing out the new equipment.
  14. Oh their will be something up.....probably not spectacular but I have it now, so I'll get something going for the kids.
  15. Got my controller today and just wanted to test everything out, see how it works and what I'm in for. Got everything up and running without any issues, not anything spectacular but I got stuff blinkin'! So many ideas....NEED MORE LIGHTS. I'm definitely hooked.....
  16. Gotcha. Lots of learning for this fella. Thank goodness for you guys and this forum.
  17. Thanks for the input, my controller came today. I plan on playing around a bit after the kiddos go to bed. Pardon my newbness but what are you referring to as in group your display in 4's or 2's? Is this 4 groups of lights on one channel?
  18. Thanks a bunch everyone....LOTS to look at. My controller just came tonight. Hard to avoid the urge to buy a bunch of lights even though prices are probably highest they are all year.
  19. Don't they use green lasers for 'star gazing' pointing out constellations and all that stuff? What does it do to a plane?
  20. I've read a few threads in my short time here that referred to sites to get LEDs that were supporters of the forum. They were listed as CDS, or MITS and some other acronyms. What are these sites? Are they located on here somewhere (links to them) Sorry if they are because I haven't found them yet. Thanks for the help!
  21. I just ordered a controller and software yesterday....don't plan on getting some super fancy setup up and running but will definitely do some testing / planning on what I want to do next year. I'll probably be messing with it all year. I can see how this could become very addicting.
  22. Looks great! I just ordered my first controller and the software. I have 0 experience with any of the setup but had a question about your lights. How does the controller make the white light posts in your video with the star on top 'chase' each other to light up. Are they one strand of led lights?
  23. I just placed an order for my first 16 channel controller and software. I live in the middle of the woods and no one will even see it but my wife and kids, haha. Can't wait to get something set up and try it out. Always wanted to do this and decided it was now time to pull the trigger even if its just for the kiddos. (and me haha) They are 4 and 2.
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