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  1. Thanks, will change all the sequences to RGB. Helps immensely.
  2. When I made the switch to S5, I remember that there are a couple ways to change the RGB order, ie, by using the prop preferences or the configuration in the hardware utility. I thought I read that one of these takes precedence over the other. We are using Pixie 16 controllers for all of our pixels. We did change the RGB configuration to BRG to match our pixels with the hardware utility of the Pixie 16. However, we did not change the order in the prop definition, which remains defined as RGB. When running the pixels, they still light in the wrong order. I assume it must be necessary to change the order in each prop definition also. Correct? Also, am I imagining that I read that one of these (either hardware or software) takes precedence over the other if there is a configuration conflict?
  3. I am using 5.5.4. I developed a preview to use with some sequences; now, I am trying to do a new sequence with a completely new preview and a new song. I made the new preview with new props, but every time I try to start a new sequence, the program pulls up the first preview and props. How can I force the program to forget the original sequence preview and information so I can use the new preview and information?
  4. The product description on the web page for the N2-G4-MP3 Director states "Multiple directors can be linked to allow virtually limitless output capacity#." I could not see any method mentioned in the manual on how to do this. How are two of these directors connected together and is one designated as a prime, that is, contains the SD card with the show? Second question regarding the N4-G4-MP3 Director. How many enhanced networks can this director run? The N2-G4-MP3 Director runs only a single enhanced network, can theN4-G4-MP3 Director run multiple enhanced networks?
  5. Anyone heard rumors about a summer sale yet or has it been cancelled because of this Covid-19 pandemic? Isn't it usually held in August?
  6. As far as sequencing, think I will be good to get them to learn the set up in preview and using the props and motion effects. I have pretty much finished doing their show for the ladder truck this year, so will concentrate on getting them familiar with doing the matrix for their hazmat training truck. Think that will be relatively simple using the movie motion effect -- I hope. Once they get the hang of channels and setting everything up, should be a simple thing (I hope) to transition to any additional sequencing that they might use next year for their ladder truck. I already had them over to the house to see the sequencing for this year's ladder truck and they were really interested in learning to do it on their own. You answered one of my other questions too, if multiple Pixie 16s could be used for the large matrix; I figure it should take two of them to control it. Going to avoid getting them into Superstar for the time being; besides, I am not that knowledgeable on it either and have to bring myself up to speed. Every time I mention cost to them, they sort of sluff it off. Seems like the Chief really wants this and has the money for it; he asked me about it last year too. Had two of the Battalion Chiefs over last Thursday for the demonstration and they keep wanting to add more to both projects; they keep wanting to go bigger on the Hazmat truck and had me add a fourth matrix to the ladder truck. They are doing all the physical work and prop building, so it's just a matter of me making the changes in S5. Thanks again for all the advice; I will be back if any more questions pop up. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the insight. I have always used S4 until this year. Seeing what they wanted this year, I decided to make the change to S5 and decided I should have changed over when it first came out. I use the same computer I have always used at home for the sequencing, but last year, I loaded the show on a laptop to play in the truck. This year, they have invested in an N4-G4-MP3 ShowTime Director for use in the truck for the Christmas parades and static display of the truck at different locations. Went from one CTB-16PC and a single Pixie 16 last year to two CTB-16PCs and 6 Pixie 16s this year. There comment for this year's parades was we want to go from First Place (which they took last year) to "Awesome" this year. They are really into it this year, truck is a little over 40 feet in length with the bucket and ladder on top. They want to be able to raise the ladder to "advertise" their location when they do static locations this year. Truck has 4 matrices on it this year. Anyway, that project is pretty well on its way for this year, props are made and they are building detachable aluminum frames to hang on the truck for all the props and display elements. Have to be able to remove things fast should the truck need to respond to a fire. Anyway, what we are working on now is a different truck, there hazmat response truck. This is the truck that they will use throughout the year for community outreach and education at the schools, etc. Told them I would help and advise, but they needed to learn how to sequence and set up. I don't want to give them any erroneous information; even though I have been using LOR since the original version, I am only two months into S5. Health problems preclude me from doing my own show anymore and don't want to leave them hanging in the lurch if I am unable to continue. Thus, it's important that they at least learn the basics for their outreach projects. They said they have a contract with Dell to provide all their computers and they want to get one that can be used into the future.
  8. Trying to limit my posts to one question per post for simplicity. This post is related to my previous question at As I mentioned in the previous question, I have been doing the sequences at home on my computer. Since the fire department will be doing their own sequences, they will be purchasing their own copy of S5 to use on this new machine. I know they will need the Pro level, but will they also need the SuperStar add-on if all they want to do is use the Motion Effects of S5 to make video clips? Does the Motion Effects for inserting movies utilize SuperStar or is it entirely separate? They will undoubtedly want to add it down the road after they become somewhat familiar with sequencing, but for now, I am trying to keep it simple for them until they get used to the program.
  9. I have been working with the local fire department for a couple years, doing sequences for their ladder truck in the Christmas parade. Now, they want to expand their use of pixels and LOR to other uses. They want to get a dedicated computer and learn to do projects without relying on me to do the work for them. The first question they asked me is what are the recommended computer requirements. I checked the FAQs and I think they are way out of date as those say that the operating system can be Windows XP; thought I read somewhere that Windows 10 is required for S5. Does anyone know what the current, recommended computer requirements are? They do a lot of community outreach and go to a lot of schools throughout the year to talk with the kids about fire prevention, what to do in case of a fire, etc. The project they are talking about would be a pixel matrix on the side of one of their trucks with 1 inch spacing between pixels, and at least a100x48 grid, maybe as large as 150x72. Their plan is to convert short video clips to play on this matrix using S5. (More questions on this in a separate post.) What would the recommended computer requirements be to do this?
  10. Brian, I did as you suggested with the Prop Definition and color curve. I applied the "Pixel Curve" at the 30% level and it did help the intensity issue quite a bit. The flesh tones are as they should be and not totally white anymore. Much easier to see the details also. I still haven't figured out how to adjust the green-yellow and blue-white color shift completely, although it is better than before I changed the intensity setting. I haven't opened the .sup files yet and exported them, but is on the "to-try" list. Seems the "help" files have been significantly improved for the S5 version of LOR over previous editions. Quite a bit of helpful info there although they haven't quite kept up with the updated versions, although with a little sleuthing, I can figure it out. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
  11. Thanks Brian, I do have most of the .sup files for the older sequences, so I will try that and see what happens.
  12. Over the years, I have purchased several pixel sequences made with SuperStar and ran them flawlessly with DMX. These were not run with CCRs, but rather RGB pixels. This year, I upgraded from S4 to S5 and have imported the sequences as shown on the tutorials. They look perfect when played on the Preview screen, but when I play them on the actual pixels, there is a very noticeable color shift. I am using the Pixie 16 this year. I read how to correct this when sequencing in SuperStar, but since these are existing sequences, is there a way to correct the color balance. Yellow is a green-yellow and white is a blue-white. Can I change the color balance settings in SuperStar when I load the files for import? Should I just open the files straight in SuperStar, without importing, and then resave with the new settings before importing into the sequence? Problem 2: Most of the "drawings" in the Superstar sequence, such as animated figures, are all washed out to the point of being white with no colors. Is this some kind of an intensity problem where the pixels are just too bright? If so, how can I tone the intensity down? Also, have a third problem that may be related to overall intensity in that I basically have large dark, almost black, areas in some sequences where there should be an image. I can clearly see the outline of the image in the sequence, but all the detail is gone. Is this an intensity issue also? As I mentioned, these sequences played perfectly when I was using DMX and the SanDevices (and similar) along with S4, but is a problem in S5 and the Pixie 16. Thanks for any help or advice.
  13. Thanks. Even though you can't see it in this video, there is an 8 foot high, 12 strand pixel tree bringing up the rear of the truck. Sort of a surprise after the truck passes by.
  14. Figured out most of it, simpler than the DMX I was used to. First time with the Pixie 16, always used SanDevices or JSys in the past. Had to use a laptop to run it though, could not get the uMP3g4 to play even a single sequence all the way through. I wanted to keep everything LOR controlled since they (fire dept) want to do this every year. Figured doing LOR, they only need to learn one system and it's all compatible. Here is a link to a short 45 second video of what we did. From concept to implementation, 6 weeks. https://www.facebook.com/193082674038510/videos/521909488399325/
  15. I am doing power injection every 50 pixels, guess I should have said that. We are using the truck's on-board, full wave generator to power the lights since we are using the CTB 16 for control of regular 120 volt lights. We did a 12 strand X 50 pixels pixel tree at the rear of the truck and ran a test show last night off of the generator last night and everything ran well. They just want to make a last minute change and add pixels along the boom. Went with 5 volt pixels since I had 30 strings of them that I could donate to the cause. This is my first time using the Pixie 16D, having always used SanDevices and JSys controllers for my own show. I wanted to keep everything uniform for them since they are just learning and figured the LOR system was the easiest way for them to go since it all works seamlessly together. After the holidays, have to give them some lessons in sequencing so they can do next year's show on their own. I did advise them to use 12 Volt pixels in the future, though. Thanks for the input, though. Going to try sending the signal from a single Pixie port in two directions tonight and see if it works. First of four Christmas parades is this Friday; they have to stop adding things!
  16. Does anyone see a reason that two sets of leads could not be run from a single plug to two different sets of pixels? Fire dept. is doing a truck for the parade which will be identical on each side. They want to run pixels down each side of a boom that will be exactly the same on each side. Rather than use two different channels, it would make life easier with this short notice just to tap each set of pixels off one channel. Each side would be 100 pixels of 5VDC.
  17. This is my first time using one too; have always run by computer. Figured the director would be ideal for the Fire Truck, but may have to rethink this. I still have a couple licenses left so may use one on a fire dept laptop and put LOR on it. Don't know if that would be legal though, so guess I should check with LOR first. Truck will be in three parades over three weeks and would hate to be without my laptop all that time. Think I have narrowed the problem down to three specific sequences, a lot of fades and commands in those three. Experimented with one sequence by cutting out a large portion of the sequencing and it ran all the way through without a problem. Perhaps the Mini Director just can't handle that; will open a support ticket with LOR and see what they say. Thanks for the effort anyway, Jim.
  18. Just noticed also that the Mini Director Status LED does not come on during the show as stated in the User Manual. Network speed is set at 115K, but manual states if the network speed is to slow to handle the complexity of the show it will blink off. Only running 600 pixels across 12 outputs and 16 channels on the CTB16PC. Hard to believe that this would make the sequence too complex. (Note, same problem when set up for 500K).
  19. Not running if off the truck yet, just AC power from the house to test out the pixel sequencing. I did check about the specific generator with LOR Support and the one installed on the truck should meet the requirements for the AC controller. I just checked the show with my desktop running it and the controllers have not dropped off line at all. Wondering now if there is something wrong with the Mini Director or somehow I have misconfigured it.
  20. Problem I haven't seen before. Setting up a show for the Fire Dept to use on their truck in the Christmas parade. Using the uMP3g3 mini director, one CTB16PCg3, and one Pixie 16D. Software is S4. The problem I can't seem to figure out is that after about 1 and a half songs, the controllers lose communication with the mini director. Everything works fine for about 1 1/2 songs, then the controllers drop off. I checked that the network was configured properly in the Sequence Editor and the Mini director through the hardware utility. Initially, I had everything set for 500k speed, thinking this was the problem, I reduced everything to the 115k setting. That had no effect on the problem, I still get through about 1 1/2 songs before I lose communication. I have tried connecting only the Pixie 16D with and without the CTB16 and always have the same result. Have not tried running the CTB 16 by itself, but seems like I might try that and see if it drops out by itself too. This is the first time I have used any generation 3 hardware; in the past, my entire experience has been with the first generation controllers, mini director, and non-LOR pixel controllers. Is there something different/unique with the third generation that I am overlooking? Any ideas? Edit to Add: The controllers run fine and do not drop off when I set up a show on my desktop and run from the desktop; problem only appears when I use the Mini Director.
  21. Update on my RS-485 problem. JR rushed a replacement RS-485 to me which I received today. Hooked it up and everything functioned as it should. First time in 12 years I have had this problem, but there's always a first time. Just glad I didn't damage the computer or the Pixie 16. LOR is also sending me a replacement for the bad RS-485, so will have a spare if needed. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions in trouble shooting and a big thanks to JR. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly from here on out and the Fire Dept will have one good parade entry.
  22. Yep, both computers. Been using all varieties of these adapters over the past 12 years and this is the first time I have ever had this problem.
  23. Nothing attached, just the USB cable to the adapter, no CAT 5. Used two different filtered cables, same result on both cables.
  24. I have plugged the RS-485 into the computer without attaching it to the Pixie 16 and it gets hot just by plugging it in. Have changed out the USB cable and still gets hot, so I can only assume it is something internal to the RS 485. It did work fine the first time I attached to the Pixie 16 and again when I hooked it up to a CTB16PC. It also connected to the Comm Port the last time I was going to access the Pixie 16 and after a minute or so, it dropped off. That's when I noticed how hot it was. All the jumpers are off of the Pixie 16, so don't know what else could be wrong. Hopefully, LOR can tell me something tomorrow when they reopen.
  25. Thanks. Fuses on the pixie seem fine. Pixie runs all channels, just not RGB. Red is blue. Thanks for the offer, I may take you up on that. Desperately need to change the colors in the hardware utility. Manual is somewhat difficult to follow/understand plus what is in the revised manual on line, is not exactly what is in the User Manual packaged with the Pixie. No where did I see the requirement about turning off the one dip switch in order to change the unit numbers. If I had seen your tutorial earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time and heartburn trying to figure out why it wouldn't change. Once I get the replacement RS-485-HS, I am going to run your checklist and make sure I covered all the bases, so much easier to follow. I will send you my address and info and you can let me know shipping and costs. Will paypal the funds to you. If LOR replaces the new one, the Fire Dept will have a back up.
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