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  1. I think I will take the advice of the majority here and wait until the sale and plan ahead. Worst thing i can do is rush it and have it not turn out or be very subpar. Has anyone used these devices for anything other than xmas such as for weddings or other events. Thanks to everyone, -Bob
  2. So just getting back from Disney and seeing the Osborne lights gets the creative juices going but is it to late to get a starter system and have it operational by Dec 1st or should I wait for the sales that I have read about and start for next year? Seems like there are enough free and paid sequences already available that i could at least get a couple of those up and running but im not sure. If this is mildy doable is the starter 16channel kit available from here the one I should get or is there a better package available elsewhere, i saw wowlights had something as well. Also as i want to be able to not use a computer for now, what is everyones thoughts on the mini director? Do i really need the industrial enclosure unit that is $100 more or can I go with the other unit? Finally I would like to be able to use this for other things in the future, has anyone used these to sequence music to lights for weddings or other events? Are there any design ideas that anyone has seen for this type of thing? Seems like this could be used for so many other creative ideas that it would ease the cost of only using it for xmas or Halloween. Thanks for any help and replies, this seems way to addicting already. -Bob
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