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  1. I'm putting my controllers and transmitter back up for sale. I thought I had them sold then I thought I wasn't moving after all. Now it is a certainty that I will be moving 2,000 miles across country to work for a railroad in eastern Oregon. I'm trying to bring as little stuff with me as possible as I'm going from a 5 BR house into a 3 BR apartment. I will be working on call 24/7/365 and will have no time for a light show for at least 5 years or so from what I've been told. I'm leaving on April 15th. Again the controllers are (2) store bought CTB16PC. The transmitter is model number CZE-05B. I bought it from amazon this past November. It has a range of about 150-200 feet. I'm looking to get $400 for the controllers. I'll take $25 for the transmitter (paid $65). I'd be willing to part with my lights as well. I don't have a huge number of lights and only my white lights are all LED. I have some multi color LED, and some red LED that were inside this year. For all my lights and deco (4 ft wreath, 6 ft lamp post) I'll take $50. I'll split shipping costs.
  2. I'm a stupid... They are store bought CTB16PC. I bought the starter package and an add on.
  3. Due to the fact that I will soon be starting a new job where I will be on call 24/7/365 and will have absolutely no time to do a show I am looking to sell my two residential controllers, along with two Cat5 cables (100' and 6'). I also have an FM transmitter available if anyone is interested. I live in NW Indiana if anyone close is interested I would be willing to meet. If I need to ship I'll split shipping costs. Serious offers only. I know what I paid for the controllers. They were purchased this past October and they were plugged in on a covered porch so they were exposed to very little weather. Serious offers only. PM me if interested.
  4. This was my first year and I've been moping around for the lady three days, not looking forward to tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I totally missed out on using the pillars for firesticks. Actually, I never knew what a firestick was until I looked up the sample you posted plus a few others. I've seen them, just didn't know what they were called. It's an awesome idea but if I converted the pillars to 8 channels each for that, it would use every channel I have available right now. Right now I have 32 channels, here's my channel breakdown for this year. 4 pillars x2 = 8 2 porch railing sections x2 = 4 3 bushes x2 = 6 2 yard outlines x2 = 4 wreath = 2 lamp post = 1 small spiral tree = 1 roof = 2 So that gets me where I am right now, using 28 of my 32 available channels. Here is what I was thinking for next year, like I said, I'm planning on adding 2 controllers. 4 pillars x2 = 8 2 porch railing sections x2 = 4 3 bushes x2 = 6 wreath = 2 roof = 2 lamp post = 1 4 arches x4 = 16 3 windows above porch roof x2 = 6 top roof outline = 2 2 color mega tree = 16 That setup uses 63 of 64 channels. Without adding even more controllers (not an option, on a budget) is there anyway I can get maximum coverage for the stuff you were talking about? I do like how the firesticks and flood lights look, and yes, the porch is out of the weather except when it rains/snows sideways. I could maybe go with 4 channels per pillar. Maybe combine the railing sections to save a couple channels. Possibly even combine the bushes to save another 4 channels? I'm open to any/all suggestions. This is too much fun to stay status quo.
  6. I know exactly what you guys mean. At our old house, before I started even dreaming of animated displays, I think at one point we had 7-8 inflatables and 3-4 of them were vandalized. The 2 I have out this year are the only 2 we have left and they stay on 24/7 because I do hate how they look when not on. If they still work next year when I got to put the display up, they will be up again so I guess I can expect another note in my door.
  7. I have a couple more songs in my show this year but these four are my favorites. It's probably fairly easy for you veterans to tell which were sequenced first. Next year I plan on getting 2 more controllers and adding lights to the upper part of the house as well as doing a mega tree and some arches. But for first try I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Any suggestions and tips are welcome as always. https://vimeo.com/82816753 - Christmas Eve - Sarajevo https://vimeo.com/82816808 - Wish Liszt https://vimeo.com/82816752 - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark https://vimeo.com/82816751 - Do You See What I See
  8. lmao.... After starting with LOR this year I am absolutely on board with no more inflatables. I'd rather spend the cash on lights or controllers. With that being said, the only reason they are still around at all is because my wife is a Snoopy freak... and the fact that they still work. But still, why leave a note about it? Ah, well. Merry Christmas I guess.
  9. So this is my first year with a LOR show. The show is very simple, about 6,000 lights, 32 channels, 2 inflatables, no mega trees, no arches, just a simple 20 minute show. Anyway, I think it's gone really well. I would guess I have an average of maybe 15-20 cars per day stop and watch for a few minutes. So today I had to go pick the wife up from work and when we got home a noticed a piece of notebook paper in the handle of our screen door on the front porch. Here's what it says.... word for word.... Dear neighbors - The lights are great! We tuned into the station, of course. (You could stand to lose the blow-ups though.) Thanks for your display! Then they signed their names. I do appreciate them taking the time to stop and watch. I also appreciate them taking the time to write the note. But WTF is with the shot at my inflatables? I have one on each side of the display, they don't block anything, and they're both Snoopy! Who doesn't like Snoopy? Anyways, Just thought I'd share the note with you all. Anyone else ever get a backasswards compliment from a viewer?
  10. John, I just emailed you the sequence. Thanks for the compliment and enjoy. It was a heck of a lot of fun programming it.
  11. dsz071

    this is awesome

    Here's a link to the one I picked up from amazon.com. It broadcasts for about a block in any direction. Perfect for what I need plus you can't beat the price compared to some of the others I've seen. http://www.amazon.com/SainSonic%C2%AE-AX-05B-Broadcast-Transmitter-Antenna/dp/B0096KYDF8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385737080&sr=8-1&keywords=cze-05b
  12. dsz071

    this is awesome

    This is the first year for my show. I've spent hours upon hours sequencing, setting up the visualizer, asking for advice and help on these boards. The show finally went live tonight and I can't explain how freaking cool it feels to make cars stop and watch something that I created.I've only got 32 channels and just over 6000 lights up. No mega trees, no arches, just basic stuff but damn if it isn't about the coolest thing ever! The wife is already on board for "more controllers, more lights" for next year. She already has two songs picked or for me to do next year! Plus she wants a Halloween show. Thanks to everyone who has helped me either by answering my posts or by posting on others that I've read.
  13. This year is my first LOR show after graduating from Mr. Christmas last year. Here's my favorite sequence from my show this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKJlmuatwE4&feature=youtu.be
  14. Holy crap! Found this old post and it helpd me get straightened out. All I had to do was run LORPost in the LOR folder, change the place where my sequences are stored and bam, done! Here's the link. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/2735-simple-show-builderhow-does-it-work/ Awesome. Everyone on here rocks! Thanks everbody.
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