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  1. Buyer beware for the Spring sale as quantities are limited. It can be hit and miss. Depending upon what you are after it may be well worth it to wait until the Summer sale where quantities aren't limited though the price may be a little higher. In the meantime, be on their email list. That will let you for certain when the sale is.
  2. It does appear you use more than 16 channels but I know appearances can be deceiving. Great job!
  3. I would agree. Perhaps run the controllers out closer to the display elements. Between now and when you set up your display you could either design and build or buy something to mount the controllers on and purchase some long, heavy duty extension cords and cat5 cable (www.monoprice.com is fairly inexpensive). Just a thought.
  4. I would do it by channel first then create more tracks to group by color and element. For example, Master track: Mega Tree White 01 Mega Tree Red 01 Mega Tree Green 01 Mega Tree White 02 Mega Tree Red 02 Mega Tree Green 02 On a separate track: Mega Tree Red 01 Spiral Tree Red 01 Mega Tree Red 02 Spiral Tree Red 02 Mega Tree Green 01 Spiral Tree Green 01 Mega Tree Green 02 Spiral Tree Green 02 You get the idea. It can make it easier to configure sequences based upon chases or if you want all of one color on a specific portion of a song. You can sequence it on a separate track and it wil
  5. Best things to do are to watch the tutorials, use the search feature on the forums then ask specific questions. Decide what your layout will look like now. By doing this now you will avoid the time crunch later on. (Nothing like completely redoing your display and finalizing the number of channels with only three months to go.) Stay away from the Martha Stewart brand of Christmas lights. People here have experienced issues with them. For saving money, check out yard sales, etc for people selling Christmas lights, especially LED ones, and those selling power cords. Be certain they are in
  6. I used Superstar a great deal this past Christmas. The upside: sequencing was much quicker than it otherwise may have been. The downside: some of the quick changes weren't quite to my liking. However, it is a great tool and was well worth the expense.
  7. I wouldn't take the risk. Why not visit some yard sales, pawn shops, flea markets, Craigslist, etc between now and next Christmas? See how many long extension cords you can buy for cheap. Too many things can go wrong with splicing that much wire and you end up with far too many places where the newly spliced cord can fail or short out.
  8. Several weeks to put up and about 25 hours to tear it all down and store it. Something's wrong with that picture ...
  9. Incandescent, LED, RGB. Do what you like. Personally, I made a massive switch to LED this past year, not only adding over 5,000 more lights but 48 more channels. Next year I may begin to incorporate some RGB lights. We'll see. Ultimately, the cost of powering Christmas this year versus last was either very similar or less. But how does one begin to factor in the smiles on peoples faces from what you have done? That is something which cannot be measured. Even in tearing everything down people were still saying how much they enjoyed what I had done. That makes it all worth it.
  10. Sorry to hear about the theft. Sucks. Just an FYI for anyone out there. No experience with this but it should work well especially for interior purposes. "Turn any IOS device into a free monitoring camera in seconds ..." https://manything.com/
  11. Merry Christmas to all and to all a great night!
  12. I don't advertise. My wife, OTOH did. Normally I try to do a planned sequence of 4 - 5 songs with a 10 minute or so break between. Traffic this year has been greater than years past but it could be due to I completely overhauled my display and LED lights are far brighter than incandescent ones. We'll see how things progress in years to come.
  13. I started out with 16 my first year. 9 channels for mini-trees, 5 channels for icicle lights, one for bay window lighted wreath lights and one more for the bushes. Simple but nice, IMO. Do whatever way looks best to you.
  14. HOAs can be a necessary evil. Or are just evil. Either way, I'd say most just don't want the lights up all year round. On the day after Thanksgiving and off by the second week in January and you should be fine as long as they are down in a reasonable time.
  15. All sent! Haven't been on the boards in a while. Good luck!
  16. Granted you are very much in a pinch, but have you considered using the Superstar instant sequencer for those? Unfortunately I do not have anything available which may help you.
  17. My show goes every half hour starting at 6. Come 8, continuously until 9:30, 10 on the weekends. Lights off no later than midnight. If I'm home and they want to see a song once the static display comes on, sure! Tonight was a bunch of operator error, mainly due to we weren't home. Started with forgetting to turn on the control panel for the show so no lights but the Tune To sign was working fine on it's own timer. Then I forgot to turn on the FM antennae once we got home. And it's only my first night with the full show going. I just keep telling myself, "Tomorrow will be better!" Oh vey.
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