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  1. For the simple sake of I enjoy it. If I don't enjoy it why bother?
  2. Just be honest. "I already have plans" (and they don't include you)
  3. Sandblasting or welding is only the tip of the iceberg for me. Was down at the beach one day and saw a guy wearing a brief style swimsuit that had flaps on the back. Would have rather seen him naked over that horrific sight ...
  4. Been away from the forum for a while but I thank you very much!
  5. By chance, has anyone sequenced this song yet? If so, would you please send me a copy of the sequence? Thanks! vinyrdguy@gmail.com
  6. Another thought or idea would be simply to use the dimming feature in LOR. Run everything at either 25 or 50%, depending upon what looks good to you. Doing that you may not even need to mess with the electrical. Another thing you can do is try and purchase used LED lights between now and then especially from people moving from LED to RGB. Good luck!
  7. I would suggest a budget check, keeping the required infrastructure in mind. Make up your mind quickly as to which direction you wish to go and what the power and controller requirements will be and keep in mind the cost of all the lights. Do you want to do smart pixels, dumb strips, LEDs or some combination thereof? Most of all, keep that budget in check for it is all too easy to see it spiral out of control. Your light sales are typically going on now. Wait for the summer sale for the LOR controllers. Look for SPT1 or SPT2 wire and vampire plugs and buy them when they are on sale. Did
  8. I know the feeling. Play with the layout in Visualizer and settle on whatever looks good to you. I prefer a simple setup. I've seen others which appear to have every square inch covered with something. Overdone, IMO, but they like it. Have fun and welcome to the madness!
  9. Label everything and use smaller bins. Larger bins can be a wonderful workout tool, especially when you put them up in the attic and they are full of lights and electrical cords. Shorter clear plastic bins make for a lighter load but more trips but also have the added bonus of your being able to remember at a glance what is in them and where it goes. Another fantastic time saving tool is to put the icicle lights on PVC poles and attach them onto the roof that way. It made life so much easier not only for the install but the tear down. As an added bonus the lights will remain straight.
  10. Another option would be to use black out tips where needed. http://www.christmaslightshow.com/color-caps-for-mini-Christmas-lights.html
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