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  1. Thinking of doing "Let It Flow" this year in honor of the new Star Wars movie. I had done Do You Want To Build a Snowman by Stellar Kart last year. My best advice would be to add what songs you like and won't annoy you.
  2. I would like to check it out as well. Thanks in advance! vinyrdguy@gmail.com
  3. Talk about an old thread! All have been sent! FYI, this version is a basic 16 channel version of the song. As always, please feel free to customize it to your display.
  4. Would you please send me a copy of your sequence? Thank you very much for all of the sequences you have so willingly and generously shared! vinyrdguy@gmail.com
  5. For those interested in a more upbeat version of the song, I recommend Stellar Kart's version:
  6. Best bacon we've found so far. Split it with someone and you still end up with 18 lbs each. https://www.zayconfresh.com/products/pork/bacon-hickory-smoked-medium-sliced-36-lbs
  7. After considering this topic for a little while, I'll say it is either Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon or Stay A Little Longer by the Brothers Osborne.
  8. BryanZ


    I never worried about it. I did it for my own enjoyment. My wife wanted to advertise last year and traffic went up quite a bit. This year? Who knows. I'd be perfectly content if it were simply word of mouth and nothing more.
  9. Without seeing your actual lot size, go across the street and see where you eyes go to. My guess is it ends up being the second floor as much of the first is masked by bushes and other shrubbery. Where do want people's eyes drawn to? I'm guessing your actual lot size is 1.5 - 2 times the width of you house which should give you plenty of space on the yard for a mega tree or couple of spiral trees. I would keep the focus down low, especially for your own safety. Ditto what Sarge said about Visualizer. Here it will be your best friend. Be sure to take several panoramic shots of your house at
  10. From what I have seen, most, myself included, try to publicly thank the person in advance of receiving the requested sequence. Most, much like myself, are interested to see if anyone has done a song not so much for their specific sequence but for the timing patterns. Let's face facts: our displays and tastes are different. What I think looks stellar you may see as a jumbled mess. Then again, I may have done a pattern which you really like and wish to replicate in your display and vice-versa. It is the sharing of ideas and creativity for the benefit of others who we may never know enjoying
  11. One of my favorites I did last year was My Favorite Time of Year by The Florin Street Band.
  12. Invested? $0.00. Spent? That's another story. I'll plead the 5th.
  13. For the next two weeks it's supporting the home team during the Stanley Cup Finals. Nothing else matters.
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