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  1. Most anything thing to program? Any song that you think will drive you insane.
  2. It opened things up quite a bit. Thanks for the compliment with my display!
  3. BTW, my roof line has LED icicle lights and there are wreath lights on either side of the bay window. I used C6 lights for the mega and spiral trees with M6 lights on the arches and bushes and LED rope lighting around the stars.
  4. I tried to think of where peoples eyes will be and what I want them to focus on. In my estimation, your display lacks depth. Take off lights from the middle and bottom entry rails, add them to the mini-trees and move the mini-trees towards the front the property. Move the reindeer and Olaf to the back left and turn them off when the music comes on. They become much more of a static display. The lighted overhanging tree branch I would change. Take the lights on that branch and use them to add height for the rest of the tree. Perhaps the best way I can say this is addition by subtraction. T
  5. I would absolutely say they are working on something. The nature of any business is if you are not looking to improve then you will be out of business at some point in the future. They are always tinkering and keeping an eye on the forums. Sometimes if only to see the direction people seem to be going or how they are using the Light O Rama products. What they like and what they don't or even to see something and say "Hey, that's a good idea!" (Some sort of face designer with built in channel assignments, maybe? Santa, singing trees, pumpkins, etc.) Either way, with technical problems I am cert
  6. BryanZ


    One of my big questions: Is it a song which will drive me nuts by listening to it? If yes, no matter how popular it is I will not add it to my display, especially as I primarily do this for my own enjoyment.
  7. I enjoy mixing things up. Probably a 40/60 mix in favor of non-Christmas songs. Mainly due to I know the show will go past Christmas by a week or two. Christmas music to me tends to cut off December 26th. Anything from Starship's song We Built This City to Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovich to Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix. This year I may add I Love This Life by Low Cash and Beautiful Drug by the Zac Brown Band along with some other songs. Christmas music wise, I'll keep My Favorite Time of Year by The Florin Street Band, Siberian Sleigh Ride by TSO, City of Silver Dreams by Sugarland and Ch
  8. Just getting into the RC hobby. Bought a Sport Cub S RTF not too long ago and am currently in the process of learning to fly it. Slowly but surely. Main problem now is waiting for the winds to die down to give me the chance to fly.
  9. She may want the house to look like that but do yourself a favor and let her know of the cost before you get too far in. Lest you wish you packed your bags and got out.
  10. Welcome to the insanity and here is wishing you the best of luck!
  11. Waiting for this year to end first, LOL! Pretty much sticking with the same display for next year. Likely will add another arch but duplicate the channels. I've had enough of a massive display turnover the past couple of years.
  12. Perhaps my #1 lesson learned: The best carbonara can be found in Rome. Oh yeah. More lights can be good too.
  13. Got to say. Though I like those totes, I've found myself leaning much more towards the clear ones, especially the last couple of years. Nothing like being able to see what is in which container at a glance.
  14. I've not really noticed. Then again, I run the gamete musically with anything from Transcendence by Lindsey Sterling to Do You Want To Build a Snowman by Stellar Kart to River Bank by Brad Paisley. Don't play a lot of traditional Christmas music. One song I recently instant sequenced to my display was Christmastime Again by Mercy Me. (I've learned the instant sequence feature in SuperStar can be your best friend and worst enemy.) My wife enjoyed Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon and Stay A Little Longer by Brothers Osborne. My vote for the next hottest song for 2016 would be Christmastime A
  15. One of those which seems to be a fun, catchy song for your consideration. I have not sequenced it yet.
  16. I would like a copy as well. Thank you very much in advance! vinyrdguy@gmail.com
  17. If you ever feel like this is no longer fun, take a step back or enjoy a year or two off. I do it for my own enjoyment. Who cares what others think? (Though it is wonderful to see all the cars drive by and people enjoying your display.)
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