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    Try posting this in the sequences forum. Otherwise people are usually more than willing to share as long as you own the songs.
  2. Open up the controllers and check for loose connections and make certain everything's wired correctly. Just speculating, but it's possible you may have overloaded some channels or have something which is causing a short on the affected channels.
  3. You can find them in multiple sizes but here is a link: Black Out Caps With any wire and vampire connectors, make certain you get all of one type. I.E. you can/should not use SPT-1 cord with SPT-2 connections and vice-versa. The difference between SPT-1 and SPT-2 is SPT-2 has a little thicker insulation and it does cost more. When wrapping cables when the display comes down, I find SPT-2 ones are easier but to each their own. Best of luck!
  4. Fairly certain the phrase "wired like a Christmas tree" came from this hobby. Glad someone was able to help you figure out the problem and that it was a fairly simple fix.
  5. I would double check your times and or length of songs. For example, end the show at 9:59:59 and start the static display at 10. There usually is some song carry over but not much. Personally I run 4 mini-shows about 15 minutes long from 6 - 8 then I switch over to a random playing of all the songs from 8 - 9:30 and switch to a static display from there.
  6. We'll see a cashless society. Solar everything. Virtual reality will be more real than the real world. Most everything will be wireless. We may have a colony on the moon and/or Mars. Kids will say, "You used to drive?!?!?" It will be very interesting to see what future jobs will be. Likely phrases we'll hear are "Why didn't I invest in that" or "Why didn't I see that coming?" Should be interesting.
  7. My favorite has to be, "What station do I tune to?" Me: "It's on the sign." Couple of years ago someone asked me what the "Tune To" meant. <Insert head banging on a wall here.>
  8. Sorry to hear this happened to you. In other news, I hear subwoofers are on sale ...
  9. Software level - Well that depends upon where you think you will end up and when. Better to purchase a license level higher than what you think you will need than for it to not be high enough. I went with the advanced but to each his own. Something to think about with sound. How is your audience going to be listening to it? FM antennae or some other means? You can find a lot of free sequences in the Sequence forum. Know you will have to customize it to your display and you may need to purchase the music if you don't already own it. Be certain to have a long enough cat 5/6 cable
  10. Depends upon how you are running things. I run two sets Y adapters. The first is from the computer then I split the left and right sides and have those connections going to the powered speakers and the other to the FM transmitter. Computer > Left Side > Powered Speaker > FM Transmitter Computer > Right Side > Powered Speaker > FM Transmitter
  11. Has anyone sequenced this version of the song as of yet? It also features Idina Menzel. Thanks! vinyrdguy@gmail.com https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiUvpfc9ZbQAhXD4IMKHfw5AwQQtwIIITAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMH451cuIlqM&usg=AFQjCNGjfUgjyi8WSRYfQzcAxyAWqBXM7w&sig2=NWPw-n0AYR2rfArWbkKWgQ&bvm=bv.137904068,d.eWE
  12. 9:30 from Sunday - Thursday and 10:00 on the weekends. Will vary it a little here and there but that's generally what I run. Neighbors haven't complained yet.
  13. Count me as old school. White, red and green LED's with 4 controllers. Can't justify the expense to go RGB at this time. Maybe a few years down the road.
  14. Try checking around on Craigslist, thrift stores and yard sales. You never know what people are trying to get rid of.
  15. Can't be understated how much he has help myself and others with our sequences. A big THANK YOU!!!
  16. I would try searching for the songs first and seeing what comes up.
  17. Seen their show the past three years. Amazing. Tickets have been put on on Groupon for several cities so keep your eyes open.
  18. Agreed with the above. Create a filler sequence. If you want, you can even program that to act as a countdown to when the show will start. People should start to catch on.
  19. I've had great luck with Holiday Lights Express. Granted, you spend more but the warranty and quality is worth it. My only recommendations when buying from the big box stores are to avoid the Martha Stewart line of lights and plan on how many you will need to pick up at once as things may fade or go out over time. Nothing quite like having mismatched colors in a display. 4 shades of red, one of which is now pink, 3 shades of green, 5 shades of white, etc. Try to avoid that at all cost.
  20. 1) No. I only work on songs I enjoy listening to over and over again. 2) Personal preference though I enjoy visualizer and find it fairly easy to use though it was initially a PITA to set up. 3) Yes. Or take a couple months off. 4) Possibly. You decide to stop then hear a song and begin to visualize it synchronized to lights then promptly start cursing again. 5) Done? What's that? 6) Not for me though plenty of people do it. Visualizer is my friend.
  21. Sequencing, synchronizing or doing what you thinks best and easiest. Either way, I'm constantly adding a new song and will likely do so even until mid December. This song may be the hot one this year. Something Wild from Pete's Dragon
  22. Getting off the incandescent vs LED debate (go with what you like, BTW), I'll likely only add a 4th arch to my setup. Nothing major.
  23. Same here. My wife would like me to add this song to our list this year. vinyrdguy@gmail.com
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