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  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has the timings for Mr Grinch by Lindsey Sterling from her Warmer in the Winter album and, if so, would you be willing to share it with me? No CCR or smart LED technology in my display. Running a simple, run of the mill 64 channel display this year.  Thank you very much for any help you are able to provide!



  2. Sequence creativity dumps can affect all of us. What you may try is using the instant sequencer in SuperStar to fill in a portion of a song whose effects presently eludes you. An example is with Little Drummer Boy, roughly about a minute in.




  3. Speaking for myself, I'm usually want the timing of the song for that can make things far easier to sequence. High hat here, vocals there, guitars here. Admittedly, I easily fall into the trap of making the display a jukebox and getting out of that can be trying at times.

    It would be greatly helpful if more tutorials were available showing how to use the various programs for non-smart pixel shows, focusing more on those with either dumb RGB strips or LEDs for those individuals who like to keep more of a classic and simple feel  to a show. 



  4. Much like most Floridians I am keeping an eye on the track of Irma and preparing as best I can. This storm has a lot of people freaked out though I cannot say if it is from media hype, the size, the shifting path westward or that she has stayed so strong for so long. Stay safe, everyone.

  5. I use 7 channels on my 3 arches and duplicate those channels using splitters. Others use 8 channels per arch. Do what you like and what looks good to you.

    Before spending all your money now on controllers, etc., wait for the upcoming spring and summer sales. You have plenty of time to play with your setup in Visualizer and be able to sequence songs. You have plenty of time to purchase hardware.

    Welcome to the madness that is LOR!


  6. My last show was the 2nd. Once it ended I immediately removed the outdoor rock speakers and the Tune To sign. Just started the main tear down tonight. Will continue over the weekend. Hate this time of year. The real tree is still green and doing very well. Enjoying it while we can.

    Sarge, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Never easy losing those you love.

  7. Not at all. You can sequence entire songs in your head all year long. Putting them into the software, OTOH, is an entirely different matter.

    'Tis a sad day today. Started taking down the lights. "I think I need a hug ..."

  8. I would get the software first with a license level above what you think you will need. Start sequencing in there. This will allow you to determine if you want to run RGB strips, smart pixels or LED/incandescent. BobO has a wealth of links on his signature which may be beneficial to you. Sequencing will buy you time for what hardware you will want to purchase as you can wait for the sales. You may find you don't need or want to upgrade the lights to RGB/smart pixels immediately or they can wait a while.


  9. Usually with wire and plugs it is best to try and catch a presale. Can't hurt checking eBay either. Only way I'd go to a local store would be if I needed it immediately.

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