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  1. JR - Totally missed this thread. I will try to make your next one. Can you send me the files to catch up? RouthHurwitz@gmail.com THX
  2. James - might I request a copy as well? THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  3. JR can you send this one my way too? THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  4. Helps if I add the email. Long night. Routhhurwitz@gmail.com THX James
  5. Thank you. Being new to the area last year you helped me get a few things straight and I do need to see if I can pick your brain on a few things for this year. You sent me your number last year so I will text you and see if we can connect. Thx again for the help
  6. Yep Alabaster isn’t that far especially since i live at the ice rink in Pelham with my son for hockey. Sorry about the lack of email. . Try this one Routhhurwitz@gmail.com. Thx again.
  7. Back on and was talking about this last night. Might I bother you for a copy. THX
  8. dibblejr Hello and Happy Holidays. We just moved to BHAM from OHIO in August and I have been working on my system. I added a Singing tree this year and in order to keep it simple I only want him to emcee the show. I downloaded all the PAPA software from ITSMEBOB and I am running into an issue. Everything is good up until I paste into LOR. PAPA is set to 25Frames per Sec, I export and open in PAPA to LOR, I have a timing grid in LOR at .04 to match the timing, but for some reason the paste does not line up with the audio and I end up pasting in the middle of the song due to a negati
  9. Might I bother you for this one too? Thank you. Routhhurwitz@gmail.com
  10. Can I get a copy please? RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  11. Can I get a copy please? THX Assuming your faces are not in the file for your MEGA tree on the other post? Routhhurwitz@gmail.com
  12. Would Love a copy as well. THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
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