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  1. Yes its 128 constant. I make sure all my files are this way.
  2. its all microsofts fault then, with there windows 7 updates!!!
  3. I just did. Funny thing is when i play the whole song, its fine. WHen i go to edit a section, the beats are all off. I have turned off all the extra features for the sound card, and no help there either. ALmost thinking of just updating to the new version of LOR since Im still on 2.7.6
  4. I have programmed for years, same machine, same Version of LOR, and i have this song that is in 128 that keeps getting off beat!!! GRRRRR the frustration level is through the roof. I have went back multiple times and redone the beats through the tapper wizard. It looks good, I play the whole sone everything seems fine. I go to start using all the fade up, fade down to "program" and all the beat are off. My eyes are going crossed trying to fix this!!!!! Had to vent!!!!! :X
  5. New addition for this year. whole show is 30 minutes long !!! Come visit us at lightsofmodesto.com =0
  6. You want them like this =0 Attached files
  7. One suggestion, trash that board. Dont take a chance. Maybe dan will be so kind to help him out with a replacement =-0
  8. Took some new photos tonight =0 Enjoy www.lightsofmodesto.com Attached files
  9. webbie

    What to get

    use a standalone box. Desktop is the way to go. Im using just a normal Intel dual core cpu, with 2gb of ram. MSI mainboard and a 500gb seagates with raid. With this much time spent in programming, I cant afford to loose a single drive. If i do loose a drive the show continues to run with no issues. Its happened! The machine pulls little power and if I need to work on it, I just remote in using mstsc. dual cores are getting cheaper and have way more than enough power to run the show. Newegg.com has some killer deals on hardware right now.
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