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  1. I have a survey monkey poll I've been driving. Let it go and Shake it Off by Taylor Swift top two songs by far.
  2. It's great isn't it. All of our displays bring joy to 99% of people. Glad you got that feedback!
  3. I run about 25 minutes with 7-8 songs plus voice overs. Each year I have two feature songs that I add to show and I get a ton of requests to see those two.....so for ease I know I can split those two and have em balanced in show. This for example it's Let it Go and Shake it off by Taylor Swift. Last year what does the fox say...etc. I dump the pop song after one season in lieu of a new one the following year. I have a survey and Let it go is the overwhelming fav......so 25 minutes looping seems about right.
  4. Looks great good job. Sequencing looks very clean!
  5. Heck I just completed mini trees and have 1200 on each and its CRAZY bright. Running 4 colors and 4 channels per tree. But wow with all 4 colors on. 3000 must be bright!
  6. I'd love a copy of both. Thanks! Herb dew3man@msn.com
  7. I suspect it differs from person to person and based on skill. I use the wizards well and then personally micro manage my sequences pretty tightly. I'd rather have less songs that are very clean than a ton of songs of which a few of them bug me if Im watching them. I'd say a sequence from beginning to end FROM scratch takes my about 3-5 hours per minute of song. Than add some more time per song for things I see when I test drive them outside. So your time spent is not inappropriate. That's why you see people share. You can take someone elses timings and use them in your song to save ti
  8. Old school here. Running about 175 channels and maybe 60k LED and wire frames. Heck....I still have inflatables. And love em. I have 12 CCR's from LOR out on my shelf and I keep saying I will use them but you know what? I don't love the look of them. Maybe next year. Or not. I do make sure my programming is tight and that I have new elements every year. But I love strings of lights. And wire frames. And inflatables.
  9. I run mine at about 25-30 minutes looping with a 3-5 minute transition so people can see all lights on. When I run the show longer traffic piles up. Herb
  10. I'd love a copy of this as well! Thanks! Herb dew3man@msn.com
  11. James I'd love a copy! Thanks a lot! Hdew@htijobs.com
  12. I liked it! I'd love a copy as well! Thanks! Hdew@htijobs.com
  13. Ya know.....I love our older stuff. The new shows are starting to look like "light shows" and not "Christmas Displays". I love yours!
  14. I have asked alot of kids this year to walk me up to their "favorite" element in in my show and its consistently my big inflatable snow man that sits in a darker back location. If they like them (younger kids).....I will keep 1-3 out. Little kids love them.....way better than our high tech stuff.
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