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  1. Thanks - have several folks already interested. If one of them does not close I will add to craigslist too.
  2. I forgot to list other stuff that is included. Items that are not listed in the attachment include 2 spare Mean Well power supplies, spare smart and dumb RGB strings, 24 LED Candy Canes that are about 3 feet tall, lots of rebar for using as stakes, 6 PVC trees in the shape of tomato cages (about 5 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter at the base), 4 larger PVC trees that are wider. I use the smart RGB pixels on the smaller trees and the C7 RGBs on the bigger PVC trees. There is also 3 foot fake, green wreath. I also forgot that I have a 10x50 matrix of smart RGBs built into a frame made from PVC lumber.
  3. I am moving and need to sell my complete Xmas light show. All the major pieces are listed in the picture. All of the controllers have waterproof CAT5 adapters (two per controller) and the setup includes lots of CAT5 cables, power cables, extension cables for the dumb RGB strings, all of the cases where I have stuff stored, the steel pipe for the 20 foot mega tree and lots more. I would prefer to sell everything as a package and I have priced this at over half the price compared to selling it in pieces. If no one is interested I will break it apart and sell separately. You can pickup everything in Denver PA 17517. The list of all the main items is included below in the attachment. Lots of extras too like pvc trees, spare led strings (smart and dumb), spare power supplies, parts. I have had a great time with this hobby but now is the time in my life to retire from doing this. This is a well maintained set of gear.
  4. Can you send me these sequences to rabeiler@ptd.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". thanks, Ross
  5. Wire has found a new home. Donated to someone in the community who is going to animate next year.
  6. All - my apologies - I never got notified from the forum that there were responses or PMs. If anyone is still interested let me know. I still have all 4 boxes. Ross
  7. I have four boxes of SPT-2 wire. Most of the wire is green, but some of the pieces are black. Each box contains at least 5 lengths of wire and plugs ranging from about 30 feet or greater. Many of the lengths are greater. I don't want to throw this out and figured someone would have a use for the wire. Each box weights about 15 pounds and will be shipped from area code 17517 (Denver, PA). All I ask is $10 per box plus you pay for the postage. The picture shows each pile of wires. They are all neatly coiled. Each pile contains over 250' of spt-2 wire plus male and female plugs. Some of the wires have female plugs at various lengths of the. These are left over from converting my xmas lights from incandescent to RGB bulbs and pixels. First come first serve. Please let me know how many boxes you want and your area code and I will get you a final price. Payment through paypal only. Ross
  8. Thanks everyone for your interest. All items are now sold. Happy holidays!
  9. I have pieces of LOR hardware that are available. $20 +S&H for residential grade 16 channel V1 controller (works on slower network speed) $40 +S&H for pro grade (metal enclosure) 16 channel V1 controller (works on slower network speed) $50 +S&H G3-MP3 Director (two network, SD cards included) $50 +S&H Easy Light Linker wireless units Available now (no longer use them in my display).
  10. this year I built a 10 row by 50 column matrix with 2" spacing for my display using 5 CCP controllers (10 strings of 50 lights). I was trying to create a frequency dependent VU meter type effect with SuperStar but can't seem to figure out how to do this. Each unit ID one row of 50 pixels. Anyone have any pointers to help me get this? I am using the latest software version 5.10 and in the preview, the prop is 10x50 RGB matrix.
  11. Thanks Brian - that was what I was looking for. I have 24 controllers and almost all of them I had labeled as either CCB or CCP when I first got them but in my haste last year after ordering a few more during the one sale I unpacked them and put them away and did not mark them. Fortunately, these 2 are my spares.
  12. Are the controllers interchangeable for the Original Cosmic Color Bulbs and the Cosmic Color Pixies? Both are 2 sets of 50 RGB nodes. I can't see anything that identifies if the controller is for CCB or CCP. Thanks
  13. Thanks. I have ordered a couple from digikey. I tested with multi before removing and confirmed it has ac. No fan in this model, I think the 12V ones have them. I confirmed with a small 5V supply I have that the pixie8 seems to be okay. Hopefully the replacement arrives on Wednesday and opened a support ticket as well.
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